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history in the making.. or.. Discovery Channel..

I'm trying to list what I've got on my numerous taped videotapes, listing films I've got.. way many..

This isn't helped, exactly, by the fact that the tapes 267 - 305, which I've already listed once, I found out I missed in my database. Lost some time, for some reason, which make me having to do it again..

As it is, I list: Tape (The number I give them), what kind of tape and runtime of the tape. The films I list with: Title, of course. What tape it's on, place on tape (1, 2 or 3). Ratio, Sound and running time of the movie (according to the tapecounter on the video).

That means I'll have to rewind the tape to the start, reset the counter, see what movie etc.. then fast forward to the end to get a reading of the running time. Then continue with, usually, the 2nd movie on that tape in the same way.

Between that, of course, I see what's on TV, and at the moment it's Discovery Channel and some archeological program.

Now, I've started to get fed up on Archeological programs. At least the one thousand and three about Egypt. This is one of the worst, about a sunken city. It lacks interest for several reason. With archeology underneath water, you doesn't exactly see much of what they're doing, and it's extremely hard getting a sense of what it looks like when visibility is about 2 meters (6 ft). Second, it lacks (what's common in archeological programs now) computer models of what the area looked like.

That's one of the very good things with archelogical programs. The computer models, where they build up the city, temple or whatever they're doing a program about, in the computer as they discover them. They find this house, and place it in the computer model.. and soon you have a whole area built up. Those really gives you a sense of what it looked like. Sort of placing you in that enviroment.

Thought about a thing.. Wouldn't it be cool if they sort of recreated the world, at least what they know, in computer models in a sort of timeline. A sort of 3D map of the world, which you would be able to travel around in. Making it possible to visit Rome in the year 200 B.C., or the Mayas in America etc.

Visiuality is humans best developed sense, when it comes to making sense out of things. To understand things.
You can read about this being north of that, and in between those two points were this and that etc.. And you really have to struggle to get some sense of it, since it gets too abstract. The same information in visual form, on a map, you get that sense in seconds.

I think, doing a project like that, would make tremendously much to get some understanding of history. More than anything ever before.

Now.. back to see what's on my videotapes..

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