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Mobile Phones.. and technology

The 2 major players when it comes to the market for Mobile (Cellular) phones are Finnish Nokia and Swedish/Japanese SonyEricsson.

Some years ago, it was all doom for SonyEricsson, not selling much etc.. While it was all up for Nokia. Even when nobody else made a profit, Nokia had profit.

For some reason, in fast moving businesses like Mobile Phones, Computers etc, it seems to flux a lot, and show that nobody is able to stand on the top forever...

Nintendo seemed to have a pretty secure position.. (even if it got harder and harder to stay in that position, as they seemed to slip further and further behind when it came to technology and thus not interest the game-makers, which made Nintendo ending up re-releasing their old games over and over again every time there were an upgrade to the technology). At the moment, Playstation2 ships about twice as many consoles as Xbox, despite Xbox having an edge when it comes to computer power as well as having some exclusive good games). Soon Sony is going to release PlaySTation Portable,some small miracle that aims directly towards the Game Boy market but with high speed wireless LAN, be able to work as a GSM mobile phone, featuring 7.1 digital sound, USB connection etc, and seem to blow all the current competition into pieces.. It's doubtful that Nintendo would ever be able to respond to that, which will turn them into a software provider, licesing off their games to other platforms.

Nokia seemed to have everything. They were hot, they had the latest features and a good price.. Now, they seem dull.. The cheaper ones doesn't have a lot of the latest features people want, and the ones with features are way too expensive..

Already when I bought my SonyEricsson back in 2002, which was the first batch of the new SonyEricsson "style", Nokia didn't had anything to offer. All but a few SonyEricsson has Worldstandard (900/1800/1900) which make it possible to use them in most countries around the world. Something of interest to me, since I planned to go to USA last summer etc.. while Nokia had like 1 or 2 models having that, and that only being the more expensive "business" phones.. (Seems that Nokia has forgot that people do travel a lot now, even if they're not businessmen). One example.
The once flashy looks, seems to be either "dull" buisiness-standard, weird experimental concepts that's more awkward to use than they're worth and the briht/youngish style, that now seems to be kind that only 7 year olds could appreciate..

That at a time when SonyEricsson, Motorola, Simens has went into a more stylish direction, which looks elegant, technical and something that both young and businessmen aren't ashamed of being seen with..

The new SonyEricsson T610/630, as an example, looks like doing serious business, at the same time as it looks "cool". It looks "new".

Not surprisingly, SonyEricsson went beyond all expectations when they had profit that was twice as high as expected, while Nokia reported a loss. That at a time when IT seems to getting back on track.

The thing I wonder is why it's so hard to stay in top. Are they so sure they're the king of the hill, that they think they will lead the way, and the other will follow? Do they run out of ideas for new things? Do they just sit back and laughs over the good business they're doing, until they're overrun?

I guess one reason is that SonyEricsson needed to cut back on costs, streamline their production at every corner to turn the sinking ship around, while Nokia, reportig profits all the time, haven't really needed to do that. They've streamlined their production, but I guess it's a difference when you are forced to do it compared to when you do it because it's a wise thing to do.

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