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Whatever you really do, I guess you often identify with something..

What you, and probably a lot of others, see yourself as..

The same way that a lot of people see me as a photographer, and even if I doesn't photograph that much at the moment etc, Photography is something I've done for a long time, something I know a lot about and in some way not far away in my thoughts..

Even if I, after about 12 years of taking photos of attractive young women, about 120 of them and most of them several times, got totally sick and tired of everything photography and simply put the camera in a closet and closed the door for a long time, and really didn't think much about photography at all, at least not photographing, in the end I couldn't get away from it.. In part because I'm generally creative and think about various creative things, including images. I can't stop getting ideas, sort of...

One reason I got tired of photography was because it became too much of my identity. It was as if I weren't anything except someone who photographed. The only way I interested someone else was as someone that photographs and nothing else. That sort of clashed with a lot of different things. I didn't mainly see myself as a photographer, because it's not what I'd most want to do. As well as not really knowing who I really was.

When I became aware of who I am, at least fairly good, and knowing what I want to do, it was easier to make photography a part of that, and sort of be happy with the photographing part.

I am very much photography. I'm fairly good at photographing, if I put my mind into it. I do have a lot of knowledge about photography and of everything images. Wanting it or not, I really can't stop thinking about photography in one way or another, even if I might not do it in an active way.
I can't exactly deny that. Even if I don't entirely see myself as a photographer, it is one label that do fit me, and it's a label I can live with and stand behind. I don't mind if people think of me as a photographer, even if I sort of hope that at least some people doesn't do that, or are able to see my other sides as well and not only as a photographer and nothing else beside that.

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