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The absolutely worst thing you can ask an artist is what kind of equipment he/she uses.. Because the quality is with the artist, not the equipment..

As in.. a good photographer will take good photographs whatever equipment he uses.. To ask that question is as if one was saying that they doesn't know one thing. That it is the equipment that does it, and that everyone using that equipment would be equally good.

Then one could always discuss "quality". In what sense? Technical quality or artistic quality.. Technical quality is just technical quality, and technical quality doesn't automatically mean artistic quality, while artistic quality could be in a photo that does have or doesn't have technical quality.

Artistic quality is entirely in the intent. What you want with the image, and how good you are in making the point.

Artistic quality is how good you are at communicating. Technical quality is only in how good you are at using the tools..

If you write a very engaging story, you have artistic quality, even if it's filled with misspellings and bad grammar.. If you write a story without errors, but it doesn't engage the reader, you have technical quality.

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