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Obviously it's slightly after a year ago that USA went into Iraq..

After a long time where USA and U.K. gave various reasons why that would be a good thing..

To disarm Iraq from all the WMD USA couldn't prove Iraq had, but said they had (Very much based on what Iraqi defectors (who obviously was in opposition to Saddam Hussein and as such had everything to win if USA invaded Iraq).

When USA and U.K. had a hard time convince other nations, and basically had to either buy support from other nations or scare other nations to join in, and to try to convince people in their own nations, the invasion was made to free the Iraqi people and make life better for them. A huge commitment. If that was the case, they had a surprisingly lousy planning for how that would be done.

There's been a lot about the fact that some 500 of the Invading Forces has been killed, mostly after the time when they said the war was over.

What people seem to totally forget is that the of the liberated people..

10,000 never got to experience that freedom, since about 10,000 Iraqis has died in the last year..

About 60 percent of the Iraqis doesn't have a work, or means to support themself (True.. the number is slightly unbalanced since you've got a lot of women being among those).

The situation is extremely bad with a severe lack of water, food, electricity and other needed infrastructure.

Most people live in fear out of the almost total anarchy in Iraq at the moment, since neither the Iraqi officials, nor the Invading forces is anywhere close in having control of the situation in large parts of the country (The only places there's some control is in the heart of the places that didn't support Saddam Hussein's regime. In the other parts, the Invading forces basically has gone in hiding, staying in "bunkers" most of the time..

10,000.. that's a huge number, which surely will increase a lot.. :(

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