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Generation 3

Vodafone has started, but only in Data through a PC-card (Basically as a modem).

3 / Tre started some time ago, and has 70% coverage.

This past week, Telia started their 3G net, with about 75% coverage..

(The percentage being of population, rather than area)

At least it's started to move..

3G, or UMTS as the technology is called, obviously is the new exciting step when it comes to IT, and features a lot of what most of us wants I guess. The ability to have full communication about everywhere we want, in a simple way. At least it has all the things that would make it possible to make it simple, since it's, at heart, a standard computer with a, "fixed" connection towards a network.

That make it possible to communicate with each other through: Video (live), Images, voice and text, as much as it allows us to watch video and images, listen to radio and music or to surf the Internet. At the moment only with 384 kbps though.

I know... Most of that has been possible in various ways before, but only if you've been really entusiastic and willing to get like 5 different kind of services, set those up in 10 different ways and brougth half of your Digital equipment with you (Computer, mobile/cellular, PC-Card, digital camera etc).

Obviously it's sort of difficult not to be sort of "I want!!!" about it..

Except that, obviously, it's brand new, and as such.. nobody that would provide those services seems to have thought anything about it at all.. sort of.. "Wow.. We have this new technology now (It's only been in the pipeline for about 3 years or so)... Now.. what are we gonna do with it???".

All made more difficult by they having came up with about a billion different ways of subscribing to various services (which make it impossibe to compare prices (Which means they're doing everything they can to hide the fact that it's expensive), and sort of mixing 2G (GPS/GPRS) services with 3G services as well as DATA-services.. or really, make a difference between all those various technologies and charging different fees for each...

"For only xxx amount of money/month, you'll get 100 mins of live video-conversations (3G), 200 MMS (GPRS/2.5G) and 500 mins of voice (GPS/2G)"

Eh? Yes?? Is that better than "10 MB of traffic/month for xxx money", which the other service offers?

(One point of 3G is that they count the traffic in amount of data you use, rather than minutes.. (The main problem at the moment is that you sort of have to pay things twice, since all use, both outgoing and incoming goes toward the amount of data. That way, if someone calls you both the one calling and you get to pay for that conversation unless it's done through the 2G net). If it's implemented right, the cheapest way would be the best way of it. Standard phone-conversations doesn't need 3G, and thus should automatically go through the GPS-system, and as such not count towards your data-transfer. At the moment, it seems that if you're in a 3G area, it's automatically connected through the 3G-network. Which might cause problem if you goes outside of that 3G area. With Telia, it seems you're automatically connected to the GPS-net, while with Tre, you're disconnected and has to call up again (through the avaible GPS-net).

The next problem obviously being.. devices? Hello.. where the heck are the phones?? With Telia you're offered 2 different ones, none of them that good. With Tre you've got 3 to select from, and they're even worse...

I think part of the problem is 2.5G/GPRS.. most makers of mobile phones has gone to lenghts making phones that could be used with GPRS.. with cameras, downloading java-games etc.. and to have the hottest product when it comes to GPRS, and now their G3 phones seems more like an extended version of one of their GPRS-phones, rather than a product developed to take advantage of 3G. The hottest 3G phone at the moment seems to be the SonyEricsson Z1010, and I do think that SonyEricsson will be the ones that'll have an edge thanks to it's resources when it comes to both phones (Ericsson) and computers (Sony). Most other still seems to think of it as phones, rather than the computer it's at heart, and develop phones rather than handheld computers.

Personally, I think that, whate

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