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I talked with frida on the phone yesterday, and we talked some about LJ and mentioned the thing about how you sort of get "groupings"..

That LJ seems like a very small world at times.. (and internet as well).

The way you sort of run into the same people over and over again..


I almost never look at someone elses Friends page, and I'm really bad at looking at comments.. (Usually I see a friends's post, hit the "Make a comment".. write whatever I want to write.. and then move on to some other post etc.. That way, I wouldn't say I'm meeting my friends's friends that easily..

Still, for some reason.. all on my friend list seem to have some others on my friends list on their friends list etc.. or is people I've encountered before etc..

frida used to have kaar on her friends list.. then I added kaar, but for some totally different reason.. think it had to do with swedes, or something.. but kaar also has .. like.. janette on her list, which I've had on my list really long, and off for some time as well before I added her back (She went M.I.A), etc..

It all sort of run in circles.. It seems way harder to find someone on my list which is a "unique" friend, than to find someone that I share friends with..

Just chatting with kikiwinterset.. I've got greenskye, anniz and montfort in common with her.. with greenskye I've got, among others, ozswede in common with her.. And ozswede and montfort in common with me as well.. etc etc..

In most cases, it's far from six-degrees of separation.. it's more like two-degrees with like 95% of the list.. and former friends have a habit of turning up again.. even if it might have been like 2 years ago since you encountered them the last time..

That doesn't only go for LJ..

There's been a couple of sites/communities where I've been sort of a regular, or made a name etc..

the, after 4 years of service, now closed down "Spotlife", which was about cams and chatting (until the chats got out of hands, so they closed them down and became more of a cam-and picture-portal).

I was at "Citizen-X" (another Cam-chat community) before it closed down, before doing a comeback again.

I was active at the short-running, but really great, community "Utonica" (where I met isabel80 by the way)

During most of the time, I've been an on/off regular at "Camrecord".. (kralice among others.. )

And I run into people from those places, every now and then.. without even trying to.. Suddenly you get a reply to a comment in some community from someone you've seen at "Spotlife", and it's like.. "Hey.. It's you??"

not mentioning shannonkringen which I sort of bumped into, and sort of admired, like a dozen times in various places (in other people's journals or in various communities etc.. ) until I sort of resigned and had to add her.. Can't run into someone that many times, and like what she does and stands for, without giving in, in the end..

At times I think it's sort of funny, when one thinks about it, when you meet someone through a friend (usually a group of friends) and in the end you lose all those friends you started out with, but ends up still having him/her as a friend..

and now I'm so sleepy.. I'm not sure what I think anymore..

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