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Swedish Artists..

I'm watching Brittney Spears video for "Toxic" at the moment..

Except for Brittney singing, the song is entirely Swedish.. It's written by Swedes, it's recorded with Swedish musicians, produced by a Swede in a Swedish studio (Brittney Spears has been a regular visitor to Sweden since her first album to record her albums.. as is several other artists.. Cher, Celine Dion, Westlife, Aguilera to mention a few, has all had albums or songs made in Sweden).

Sweden is number two in the world, after USA, when it comes to export of music. A lot thanks to having songs and producing a lot of music on many of the hits we see on the charts..

Few know about that though, and I guess the main reason being that the artists having their name on the cover being Swedish is rare.. (The few that has made some kind of impact would be ABBA, Roxette, E-Type, A-Teens and Robin.. with The Hives and The Sounds maybe getting some attention..).

One wonder why.. How come it's possible for Swedes to, basically, always having a song in the top 20 (Written and produced), but without Swedish artists?

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