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Gay marriage..

Since it made LJ (and the news lately)..

A recent poll in Sweden reveal that 61 % of the Swedes (67% of the women, 54% of the men) approve of Gay Marriage..

At the moment, they're able to register as partners, which gives them about 98 % of the rights of a married couple. That could technically only be a civil ceremony, even if a lot of individual priest would give God's blessing to that partnership.

Personally, I sort of think it's a stupid struggle for it, since it shouldn't be needed since I don't like dividing people in categories..

All humans are humans.. no matter if you're this or that.. and as such, one should have the exact same rights..

I think, in a sense.. by placing people in, even by themself, that very act is as bad in itself, even if it's done for a good cause.

By placing Afro Americans in a group, one do see them as something out of the "normal", as a special kind of human..

The same with gays. Yes, they're gay, but that doesn't mean they have to be singled out as a group, especially since that might be the only thing two gays might have in common. The problem is the way certain "stamps" become such strong identifying factor. You might have a rich afro american man who happens to be gay, and that would be pointed out.. he's the gay king, the gay afro american etc.. What does that have to do with anything.. Why can't he just be king or afro american or rich or an important this or that.. Why does he have to be a gay this or that..

Why would he be remembered as the gay this or that.. ??

Why can't all be seen as humans.. no matter what gender, number of pigments, partners in bed.. someone have, and judged by who they are as individuals. What they do, what they think etc..

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