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No Help in one of the worst Earthquakes..

There are things that make me so incredibly sad..

Still nobody know how many died in the earthquake that hit Iran some week ago. The official number is about 30,000, but a lot of "independent" sources say it's more likely to be about 35,000 - 40,000, and might even be as much as close to 50,000.

The thing is, the earthquake hit a town with about 80,000 people, which is nothing but rubble today.

One might put a blame on a lot of things. No enforeced laws about building quality, corruption etc, as well as powerty.

International help was fast, but now they report that most rescue organisations are leaving Iran, despite the work being far from done. The reason.. It's yesterday news. The reporters have moved on to other places in the world, and suddenly, when you don't have the news writing about it, a lot of those there to help doesn't seem to be interested in being there anymore, since there's nobody there to report about them being there.

It seems a lot went there for one reason alone. Not to help, but to look good in the media. Nothing more than a good photo opportunity. Advertising. "Hey, look at us. We are so good! We helped out in Iran! (at least as long as the news were there)"

It's one thing if Rescue dogs move out, it's worse when there's nobody there to help giving out blankets and tents, and you shall all know that people are freezing to death every nigth when they have to sleep out in the free in temperatures at freezing point or below.

Obviously there's UN, Red Cross and Red Halfmoon still there, and doing a lot of work, but they're more or less organizers, depending on people being there to do a lot of the work, where is when other organisations come in.

Another thing is that they've built a huge Field hospital that will take care of all needs for a year. Norway, Italy, Germany and some more has been involved in that. Sweden being among those contributing with money and doctors.
Now USA has started to build a totally redundant Field hospital close by. Why??? Nothing wrong with USA helping, but why do something that's not needed, when there's such a lot of other things being needed. But hey.. a big concrete thing as a field hospital of course look good when there's an election coming up.

It's sad that it happened in the first place, but it's even more sad when things that need to be good, and can be, aren't.. creating more suffering than needed.

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