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Don't cry for me Argentina.. Guatemala.. Chile.. Paraguay... Bolivia.. Brazil.. Nicaragua.. and U


Sometimes Coups come crashing down on you, other times it's slow and silent..

For the first time in over a year, President Bush signed a bill on a Saturday.

I guess USA has practice in making coups...

In the countries listed in the "Subject", USA was orchestral in overthrowing an elected goverment, replacing it with, usually, Military Dictators..

At times being very hands on, assasinating popular politicians and help out with plans etc, at other times only providing financial support and weapons.

It's been to protect Gulf Oil in Bolivia, Chiquita bananas in Guatemala.. Coca Cola..

Or just the idea of having general elections, where the people elect the wrong candidate..

It's a lot better, obviously, to have some General, such as Pinochet, to be President for life, than have elections.. all in the name of democracy..

Your Friendly Dictators Trading Cards

Now, to be fair, USA haven't been entirely alone in business like that. Many countries have skeletons in their closets.. France, UK etc.. Few has been as good at it, as USA have been..

That Saturday just happened to be the same day when all of the attention of the media, and public, was at the arrest of Saddam Hussein.

What a coincidence!!!

As it happened, it was an extremely important bill he signed. Which I guess was the reason for whipping out that pen on a Saturday even, and on such an important day.

An expansion to the Patriot Act... (which in the long run affects not only USA citizens, but citizens around the whole world both in a direct as well as indirect way).

Now I'm not a fanatic opposite of the Patriot Act, understanding some of the reasons.

Yes, if I do "follow the money" in a criminal investigation, it would be wise to not let the ones I'm looking for get a notice saying I'm investigating them.

That could be done in two ways. Sort of public, with some control of the actions taken, or in total secrecy.

The scary thing with such a lot of the Patriot Act is that it gives total freedom for National Agencies, such as FBI (or, in effect NSA and CIA, as well, even if you can't write that out since they're not allowed to. Not yet at least), to do whatever they want, and doesn't have to be the least accountable for their actions.

Now, of course, they say it's used for tracking terrorists (and/or people threatning national security (Which means that someone like Michael Moore which might destroy moral etc, and opposes the Goverment, could be seen as a threat to the nation), but Who knows???.

Since they don't have to be accountable for their actions, not even for Congress, they could arrest anyone, for whatever reason they want, and just say: He's under investigation. Since the ones arrested don't have the right to speak out in any way. In fact, if they would get some sort of spokesperson, including media, that spokesperson would be arrested to. Effectively silencing the voice of the one arrested. FBI don't need to state to anyone why that person is arrested. They don't have to defend their actions at all. They could just arrest someone, and have that person "disappear". Be it a terrorist, be it a political threat, be it someone being a nuisance in general.

An artist expression his thoughts, an oppositional politician, an immigrant sending money back home to his family in the old country..

Even if it's not used that way, it does allow that to happen.

But.. Who would ever know?

How come that such an significan signing happens in "secret" (Yes, it wasn't secret as such, but made when it wouldn't be noticed). How come it didn't happen some days before or after? It's really applaudable that President Bush set time off for doing that, when he had such a lot of other important things on his mind, such as the arrest of Hussein.
I guess it couldn't have waited to Monday.
Or did he had to come into office, despite it being Saturday, and not having anything to do while waiting for news so he thought he could just start working on that "IN" pile on his desk..

With a whisper, not a bang

"The Bush Administration has yet to answer pivotal questions about its latest constitutional coup: If these new executive powers are necessary to protect United States citizens, then why would the legislation not withstand the test of public debate? If the new act's provisions are in the public interest, why use stealth in ramming them through the legislative process?" - San Antonio Current

Wonder what important bill he would sign when they capture Usama Bin Laden?

"We got Bin Laden today!! (and by the way, I just signed a bill that make me President for life)"

A lot of credit goes to ana.

Some things never change

Hang your head

I saw the news today o boy
A thousand stories that we’ve seen before
Small minds play at some big time games
And everybody else pays
Make no mistake they’re on the take
They like to keep it that way
Some things never change
I saw the light today o boy
It come on flashing bright in red and blue
The man steps in with a terminal grin
Blue skies turn to grey
Young men die and children cry
Why is it always the same

Life must be eaten
Or at least bitten into
To get past the surface
The moment of truth
You know when it’s right
Its sweet deep inside
Its real and it’s better
That some things don’t change

I saw the news today o boy
A thousand pictures of the lies we live
Small minds play at some big time games
And everybody else pays
They’re on the take and they don’t give breaks
They like to take it away

Some things never change

Hang your head

- DEVO - "Some Things Never Change"

Young hunks
And sweet things
Trying hard to change your luck
Baby thugs
Bad spuds
And mean things
Living for today or maybe even yesterday

Look around
Shakey ground
Do the right thing
In this world you’re just a guest
Do it now
Time’s run out for the pig thing
Living for today stealing from tomorrow

Law and order puppets remote-controlled by greed
And tv preacher robots won’t give you what you need
Use your head
Sidestep the traps
Snake through the chaos with a smooth noodle map
Besides the king’s been dead
They blew off his head in ’63

Big bucks
Energy sucks
And dumb things
Make it hard to live and breathe
Add it up
No matter what
There’s one thing
Living for today there’s maybe no tomorrow

Subhuman bloodless leaders fed on lies and fear
And tv anchor news teams trim all we see and hear
Use your head

Sidestep the traps
Snake through the chaos with a smooth noodle map
Besides God isn’t dead
He’s in your head
Right where he ought to be

- DEVO - "Devo has feelings too"

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