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Regional Coding

Has someone ever tried suing the "Content Providers"??

As in.. Film and Music Companies etc..

The movie "The Shining" is avaible in USA in it's original 140 min cut, while in Europe it's never been shown except in it's 120 min cut. That was the case in Cinemas, and is the case in all various video formats.

The Film Companies say that a major reason for using Regional Coding is the fact that some films might be released on DVD before it's opened in Cinemas everywhere. They also state the fact that they've got contracts on that. In USA a movie might be distributed by Universal, while in Europe it's distributed by 20th Century-Fox. Cinema- and Video-rights. Obviously, if 20th Century Fox has put a lot of money into a movie, in order to get them back through Cinema- and Video-sales, they're gonna be a touch pissed of if Universal release it in USA without a regional coding, which make it possible for every potentional customer in Europe to buy the Universal DVD, instead of seeing it in cinemas or buy it on an European DVD. Understandable.

With "The Shining", it's a movie that was shown in Cinemas back in 1980. It's been avaible on all known video formats in all countries.
It's no problem with rights, since it's Warner Bros that has the rights to distribute it all over the world.

Then.. Why the regional coding on both the USA and European version of the movie?

The only reason would be that Warner Bros doesn't want me to see the 140 min version, or the ones in USA to see the 120 min cut, which I guess is censoring of sort.

Would it, say, be possible to sue Warner for stopping me from seeing something, in the way they do it?

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