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Internet shopping

How the heck can Internet shoping do such lousy business, and all media etc, telling that it's not likely to ever take off in such a big way that people predicted a couple of years ago.. You know, when 15 year olds started companies and selling them a year later for a billion.

Just ordered 12 DVDs (Halloween H2O (cheap), Dark City (Have always been curious about it, and finally it's down to about 9 bucks), Running Man (Yeah, it's kinda lousy, but.. it do have something.. and it was also 9 bucks), Henry - Portrait of a serial killer. All critics loves it.. Well.. costing 9 bucks, I guess I could afford to check it out), Cast Away - Special Edition 2-Disc Set, Life of Brian (By far, Monty Python's best movie. Absolutely hilarious. Costing 9 bucks is also a +). Romancing the Stone. When Harry Met Sally -Special Edition, Silkwood ($9. A really great movie that hasn't gotten the attention it should have), Sånger från andra våningen (Songs from the Second Floor. Swedish movie getting rave reviews from all over the world. This DVD also contains a ton of bonus-material). Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (hmm.. it's a great fun movie, but might have been too much of an impulse buy. At least imported, and as such at full price). Dead Zone (one of the 3 good Stephen King movies there is).

Even worse: Booked 17 other DVD's. Now all I have to do, is wait for them to be released (here). Fawlty Towers - The complete Series (Best TV comedy ever done), Almost Famous, The Godfather Boxset, Star Wars I - The Phantom Menace, Hannibal (Limited Ed 2 Disc Set), State and Main, Aberdeen (Swedish/Scottish production), True Lies, Terminator 2 - The Ultimate Edition, Mummy Returns, War of the Roses, Raising Arizona (Coen's Rules), Porky's (Probably the best lousy movie ever made), Kalifornia (Strongly reckommended), Sabrina (The superior Audrey Hepburn-version of 1954), Field of Dreams (Amazingly, Kevin Costner were able to do great movies once (Bull Durham and Field of Dreams)), Traffic.

Hmm.. Had 200 DVD's and some, when entering 2001. Part joke with someone on work, betting if I'd have 200 DVD's before the end of 2000. Well. Yes. Now it was only to aim for 300 before the end of this year... :) Actually, with going to USA etc, I strongly doubted I would even reach 250.. Hmm.. If I get all those DVD's, I will have 305. Scary!!!!

The room smells sweetly of Amber.. Became so happy finding out they sold Incense Sticks in the store where I shop most.. Hmm.. Bought Opium Flower (Didn't like) and Amber (Likes a lot).

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