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Got food yesterday.

Actually, since I've worked at the place I'm working for 15 years, I'm considered a "faithful old servant". Well.. it's good, easy made money. Not the funniest way of getting them, but.. It sure would cost too much to get something more interesting, that give me as much money.

Whatever, all of us got 15 shares for our years (in the value it was when I got them, and sold them :), about $300. Not that much, but better than nothing. At least, since I got them before my trip to USA, they paid for 6 nights at a motel (Hmm, if I'd picked only Motel 6, it would've been 7)).

Yesterday we got a dinner. The company has it's own restaurant/hotel, where special guests stay, and where the company brings Visitors for dinner etc. Well, it was 4 of us, working at that division, and 2 Bosses.

Hmm.. well.. was ok. We got some alcohol before the food. A beer, a whiskey or something. I did take some "Southern Comfort", the drink of my choise.

Started with some smoked lamb-something, with melons. Good Wine to it.
Then some kind of fish, don't know what it was, but it was an ok-fish. Generally I doesn't like fish that much. Tastes too much of sea-water. But this one was good. Got Blue potatoe with it, and some vegetables. Ok wine with that.
Then for dessert, thin slices of pear and some ice-cream. Home-made and creamy, of course. Not that good wine with it. Either it clashing, or not being good in itself. Not sure. Think it was the wine tho.
Then some coffee and cognac. Doesn't like neither of them that much. Have had some Cognac that I really loved, being very smooth, but most Cognacs have way too strong and heavy fiery taste. As for coffee, it's not the drink of my choise. I prefer tea, and avoid drinking coffee as much as I can, which results in me drinking about one cup of coffee a year, or something.
Whatever, it was a basically pleasant evening, even if I could have made it without it.

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