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"Shake your honeybuns... "

I have a severe lack of "cleaning music"..

Was trying to find something to play while I'm cleaning, that might give some more joy and energy..

Sure.. I've got a lot of songs that would fit perfectly.. "Shout" - Lulu, "Little Bitty Pretty One" - Thurston Harris, "Escapade" - Janet Jackson etc..

But it's darn hard to find an album that.. well.. that I just can put in, and just play like that.. without any "boring" songs I'd wanna go and skip.. And ending up just playing like 3 songs, before I'd wanna change album..

Dunno.. I think I've got too much moody, weird, or "rage" etc.. music..

Tori Amos, The Beautiful South, Dalbello, Danielle Dax, Art of Noise, Emilou Harris, Randy Newman, Talking Heads, Devo...

Nothing that's just.. well.. "bubbly"

Sure.. Blondie does great songs, some of them, as on every other one on "Blondie" even "Bubbly" but.. not exactly..

It's not as if I want to put Kiss - Alive in the CD-player.. or Liz Phair... or Simon & Garfunkel or something... like that..

Nothing that just doesn't fit.. Nothing that wants me to stop and listen.. Nothing that gets boring..

Hmm.. Maybe "Chicago" soundtrack would do?

I so hate it when you want some music.. feel a lust for it.. but can't really find what you're wanting.. nothing that fits just perfectly..

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