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Feminism - Road to nowhere Part 2

Now, of course, the society in general, is made according to male rules. Men rules the world. Not in a direct way, but how the foundation of our society works. Everything is made out to fit a male way of being.

The title of this entry is: Feminism - Road to nowhere. I've also stated that I'm not entirely pleased with Feminists. Much of it having to with it being basically 2 groups of Feminists, who fight each other, accusing the other to fighting the wrong way. It's not uncommon for Feminists to accuse the others of being traitors to the "cause". Now, I think both fight the wrong way.

The main 2 groups are:
"The Male Feminist" - They're the ones saying: Women can! As in, they should have the same rights of getting top works, same salaries etc. That they can do the same thing as any man.
"The Female Feminist" - They say, Men are men, women are women, and that should be encouraged. They, of course, are the ones looking good, and fight for their right to wear lipstick, have big boobs and still be considered serious.

I've got problems with both, since both doesn't want to change the basic foundation. You can say that the male feminist, want to say that, if they play the rules of men, as good as men, they should have the same rights. Still, they kinda plead to the men, that they would be accepted. To give them rights. Of course, they're a really lousy model for women. You find them in high places. I would say Hilary Clinton is an example. Would she change the current order? Nope, never ever. Why? Basically, she would say: If I can do it, everybody else can do it. Of course, since she's so into a male world, she's distanced from general women. I also doubt she wants competition.
The Female feminist wants to be accepted for being women. In a sense, they try to voe men, plead to them, to give them rights, because they are female, and look good. Whatever, they still goes to men, pleading to throw them some rights.

What neither wants, is a basic change of the foundation of society, which, in my view, is a must to get a change.

Take salaries. Why does women, and traditional female jobs have lousier salaries. Because basically all salaries are counted on production. Use Health care as an example. A surgeon, traditionally male, has far better pay than a nurse, traditionally female. Why? It's been proven that how nurses treat the patients, while they recover from surgery, as an example, very much affects how good and quickly a patient recovers. The same, of course, with medical. Still, that work is invisible, in a sense. You can't take some kind of measuring thing and say: It's because of that time spent with patient, that many How are you feeling, that many smiles you give, the nurse helps a patient recover, while you can say that a surgeon spent that many hours, and is able to perform surgery on so many patients/year.
You also have proudction of paper cups. If you make 500 paper cups in a certain time, you get so much salary, etc.

Both are depending on visible production, in which, in most cases, females loose out.

Males are traditionally figthing to reach a goal, a finish line, more than women does. Now this is generalisations, but.. essentially true. If you tell a man to produce 500 cups, he wants to do them as fast as possible, and is proud if he's been able to do those 500 cups first of the 100 people that works with him. That 80 % of those cups wouldn't pass a quality control, is another thing. Nobody cares that much about that. A woman might take twice as long producing the cups, but only 10 % might not pass the quality control. Of course, nobody cares that much about that. She might get a "Good work", but not more money, since quality aren't into the equation. They pay the man a certain amount, the woman half as much, because she only did half as much.
In health care, a nurse gets paid for the number of beds she's able to make, or patients she's able to "serve". Not how much her work affects the patients.

A lot of how women or men are treated, is embedded in the value of words.
A woman doing a good thing, is as good as a man etc. She's equaled with a man, able to take a step up, and almost stand as an equal next to a man, because "She's got balls", etc. Male attributes have a positive value, since that's the criterion everything is measured against. Males are seen as "A", while females are "C".
If you want to humiliate a man, the worst word you can call him is that he's a cunt, as in equal him with a woman. Degrading him to only Female status.

If there's going to be a change, things like that, has to be changed. A female needs to get the same status, the same value, as a male. Feminists doesn't fight to get that, only to be accepted despite being females. That's why it's a road to nowhere. Basically, men needs to be teached to see and hear women with as much respect as they treat men. That's the only way, there's gonna be a change.

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