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Anna Lindh murdered

She was Sweden's Foreign Minsiter, but died this morning from being stabbed by some man yesterday..

Even if I didn't have a relation to her as such, it obviously dampens the mood..

Especially since she was one of the few politicians I do like, and the one I'd love to see as Prime minister. It was something about her. Her energy and entusiasm, in connection with being really knowledged about things and smart. You really felt that she knew what she was talking about, and interested.
At the same time as it was the entusiasm and the joy she had.

Despite being a "professional" politician, she felt kind of a fresh breeze.

That way, even if she's not the one people talked mostly about etc, I still think she's the one that's rememerbed with most affection by a lot, which I guess is the reason why the mood is the way it is. Being the Swedish Foreign Minister, of course make it big news, but that's a long way from making it "touching".

She was out shopping, privately, without security people etc, when some man came up to her and stabbed her several times in the chest, stomach (and probably because she tried to protect herself) and in the arm, and getting severe internal bleeding. Even if she was in surgery between 5 p.m. to 1 a.m, when they had been able to stop most of the bleeding, they hadn't been able to stop all of it, and at about 2 a.m. they started surgery again, until she died at about 5 a.m.

The one stabbing her still not caught, being able to slip away from the store in the "What??"-feeling most people in the store (one of Swedens biggest and best known stores, NK) obviously felt. That moment of trying to grasp what happened.

Now, obviously, the idea that the Swedish Foreign Primister just goes to an ordinary store, without security people or anything, might be a "what???"-feeling to a lot of people in a lot of other countries, but.. it's the way it's always been in Sweden.

How remote most politicians are from everyday life, in a sense, they're still everyday people in some way. It's a work they have, being a politician, and then they go home and becomes "ordinary" people, that go to movies, go and shop bread and milk at the shop around the corner etc.

One reason being that we have a deep rooted sense of equality. Nobody is that "special". Admired, yes.. but not "gods". There is very little of class. No matter if you're .. well.. me.. or if you're a leading politician or president of a huge company, you're a person like everyone else. To some degree. It's more equal than in a lot of other countries, where classes sticks very much to themself and behave according to their class.

Even if one shouldn't have any illusions about politicians being "ordinary" in the sense that they're other than politicians, being active politicians when they're young etc and have it as a career, more or less. Most politicians, in a sense, comes out of "ordinary" people. It's not as if it's rich families only, or anything like that. It's very much as if my neighbours son would grow up to become prime minister one day etc, and that could very well happen.
That way, politicians are very close to the people, and the people wants them to be close. We don't want some remote people, that doesn't have the slightest understanding about the country they rule.

That's our "democracy" in a sense. We doesn't elect people, as much as we elect the parties. Obviously, what people a party has, might influence which party one votes for. Then all districts in Sweden get representation in the parliment etc, and the districts starts right here in this town and every other town around Sweden. People that engage in the politics, gets voted by the members to have some part, and maybe engage in the step-up level.. etc etc etc.. all the way up to the parliment.

That way, when it comes to politics, we both take it for granted, as well as the politicians seeing it as their task, to go meet people out in squares etc, no matter where it is. Even if you're Swedens Foreign Minister, you would go to some small town and have a speech on the square and stay afterwards and chat with people etc, instead of leaving that to "smaller" or local politicians, and doing that without 4 limos, 20 security men, fences etc (which of course would put the politicians in some kind of remote state, making them seem "isolated" and moving in a bubble of their own.)

One could always discuss what's the way to do things. What's best. You could have tough barriers, which alienates people from each other, creating clashes, or you could have a very "open" society, where everyone is "ordinary". Mabye security would stop a thing like this happening, but at the same time the chances for something like this would happen would be bigger, as in more threats, more violence etc.

Those who's been reading my journal, know that I think violence always creates more violence, and even if it's not directly violent action, the security in a sense is indirect violence. Putting the attention to it, as well as the feeling of limited things you can do.

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