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Gina Jacobi

Back in 1986 or something like that, they played a song on the radio a lot.. I was able to catch the name of the artist.. Gina Jacobi. I so loved that song, and through a local record shop I was able to get hold of it, and I had a favorite artist.

She's Swedish, from Sundsvall, and back then, she was liked by the critics as a hot, original new artist. Very talented and one of Swedens best female artists. She was also liked a lot by producers and other musicians, which meant she was played a lot on the radio (Being selected by the producers of the various programs etc). Despite that, she stayed sort of unknown by the general public, and never became a big hit and not getting the success she deserved. I guess, mostly because there weren't enough marketing to really make her noticed outside of the seriously interested in music. It's kind of tough to break through, when you fight for the title of Swedens best female artists, when you've got some established names and bigger marketing to fight. Which is sad, because.. well.. she's good, obviously :-p
I guess one reason being that, she fought hard to really stay her own.. Doing the music she wanted, living the life she wanted and refusing, as an example, to move from Sundsvall to Stockholm (which after all is the capital, and where most marketing, record companies etc.. works out of).

As for her music.. Even if it's her own.. well.. One could draw links to Kate Bush and Dalbello, and I guess Tori Amos is sort of close to. If one likes any of those, I guess one would like Gina Jacobi as well, even if she do have a slight Swedish touch/style, in some sense.

I got hooked with that first album, and obviously bought the next one and the next one etc etc.. Even if I didn't need to exactly go to lenghts getting stuff, I made sure to get it.

Heard about a concert she was gonna have up in Sundsvall, and obviously wanted to get up there and see her. Since I had some connection with one of the local newspapers here, I heard with them if they would be interested in an interview with her, which I thought would finance the trip. They were sort of interested in it. They would take it, and if something happened locally.. etc.. they would use it. Hooked up with Gina, and she agreed to meet me before the concert. Went up there, met her and had a nice chat with her.. actually, for a lot longer than I thought, and in the end, we had to take a break because she needed to get prepared for the concert, but she was gonna come out and continue after the concert..

The concert was really great. She's coming from being into rock, and even if the music on the albums are more towards pop, or.. Tori Amos.. Live, the songs became a lot more towards rock than pop.

The interesting thing happened after the concert.. Obviously, she being from Sundsvall, and being active when it comes to the music scene up there and having friends etc, in the audience. That helped, obviously, but.. the crowd sure was entusiastic. She did her set.. The audience shouted for more.. She came out and did one more song. Actually one they had rehearsed just hours before. She did that song, thanked for the support etc.. The audience didn't gave up.. Think we stood there for 5 mins applauding and shouting for her to come back. After 5 mins, she came out.. Talked to the audience, saying that.. She would love to play more, but that they actually didn't have any more songs to play.. (and by the way.. "her band was already drunk behind the stage" :-p). Then she went off the stage again.. The audience refused to give up.. standing and applauding, shouting for more for 10 mins, before they turned on the lights in the ceiling etc..
Kind of amazing feeling, to stand there with such a entusiastic audience..

And.. she kept her word etc.. and came out and met me again etc.. :)

But.. well.. not compromising, and make a stand.. she ended the realtion with the record company, in some way.. I don't know if they dropped her, or if she sort of gave up trying. She released an album on her own. Writing songs, performing, recording and producing and publishing it, and distribute it through a small independent distributor, which distribute a lot of albums from smaller, independent, record companies.

That was sort of the end of Gina Jacobi, in a sense. She got involved in refugees from various countries, living in Sweden, and getting interested in their culture and music, which got her a sort of second career producing music in that line.

She's got a really great site. One of the best I've seen actually. It's really informative, it's personal and very complete. You got the lyrics from all songs she's made, you're able to watch videos or listen to samples etc. Basically everything Gina Jacobi you could ever wish for.. (Both in Swedish and English).

She's got a F.A.Q. on the site, and an e-mail to ask Gina questions.. Did that, asking if there ever was gonna be some kind of CD released with her first 2 albums and a single, which only have been released on vinyl. Even if I got 2 copies of both of the albums, it's vinyl.. they've been played a lot.. etc.. Would be nice, and easier, to have them on CD.
Got a mail back, saying that it was possible to order older stuff, such as that through the site.. only needing to put send some money and you'd get what you wants on CDs.
I wrote back, wondering some more about it.. etc.. and mentioning I had quite a big collection of her stuff.. Not entirely complete, since I don't have exactly all singles with songs that's on her albums etc. But as far as songs go, I got a lot of them.. and some posters, taped TV-appearances, a Limited Edition book she published, and was handed out for free to the first ?? who bought her album.
Ordered the albums and the single (She'd thrown in the single on one of the CDs sort of for free) as well as.. wondering if it was possible to get a version of one of her songs that she played in a TV-program about her, which is very different from the version that, later, appeared on a single (and later as bonus tracks on the CD version of her next album). Also mentioned, as a sidenote, that I was sad because one of the tracks on one of her albums, one of my favorite songs, had a cut in it, which makes the CD skip/jump on that track.. and.. hey... she wrote back..saying it was fine, and.. I could get that song as well..

Sent the money, and got the package today.. A highly improvised package.. it's some box she found.. which she has wrapped some white writing paper around.. etc..

Opened it, and a whole lot of stuff fell out.. like.. 4 CD's and a Compact Casette (I'd kinda ordered what would fit on 2 CDs.. only.. ), and a handwritten letter..

"Hej, Thomas
& tack för din ngt "udda" beställning ...
Tyvärr kan jag inte hjälpa dig med TV-versionen
av Svart Ljus då jag inte har tejpen i min
ägo. Som plåster på såren skickar jag med
lite annat smått & gott som jag ej tror du
har sen förut.

Kram & Lev väl - Gina Jacobi"

(Hello, Thomas
& Thanks for your somewhat "original" order ...
Unfortunately I can't help you with the TV-version
of "Svart Ljus" since I doesn't have the tape in my
possession. As a consolation I'll send a little of
everything stuff that I don't belive you've got before.
Hugs & Live well - Gina Jacobi)

And.. well.. it sure was a lot of a little of everything :-p

The 2 CD's I ordered.. (all CD's by the way.. is "plain" with handwritten text on the front.. "Gina Jacobi" and what the CD contains). Really lovely.
(hmm.. I guess Madonna doesn't sit at home, making CDs and write on them etc.. )

Then an extra CD with the song that got ruined plus some new versions of old songs, which has appeared only on a collection with various artists from Sundsvall, as some kind of "celebration", and a Duet she made with another Swedish artist, which is avaible on one of the other artists albums (Which I've actually thought about buying, because I like her as well, and finding out that Gina Jacobi appears on it, made it even more interesting (sort of).

An additional CD which originally was released as a Compact Casette with Gina having made songs that's been translated to Kurdish (which she also performs, as well as some traditional songs she's arranged etc)

The original Compact Casette "Jacobi's World" which is a lot of songs on various languages.. Swedish (performed by her), English, Kurdish, Persian etc etc.. (Gina has produced, arranged, written music well as doing 2 songs herself. The other songs are performed by other vocalists..

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

That way.. I think I've got pretty much a complete collection, in one way or another.. At least of everything that's been relesead or been played in some way somewhere (radio, TV etc) which isn't exactly on albums or anything. At least I can't find something, or know about, that I doesn't have..

She's fairly good looking, she's a lot of fun, she does great music, she's got a very sane view on things/life/world .. Wonder if she's single?? :-p


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