Thom' Luka (luka91) wrote,
Thom' Luka

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Hmm.. and my HD is totally acting up..

Now, I do have the system on 2 partions, which means it can start up from the HD anyway, but it can't work out of the main partion, where I've got all my stuff.. programs etc..

The directory having been damaged in some way, which means it knows the partion is there, but it can't use it.. not even show it.. :(

Even if I've got most of it backed up. All the Olympus images, as an example, I download from the camera, then copies it to another partion "raw", before I use the first one to manipulate the images etc..

A lot of stuff, I have a certain CD-R size partion.. where I download most new stuff, before copying it to the main partion..

unfortunately not everything..

Such as the new site I'm working on, which was only about 5 - 10 pages from being done..

Been trying to run Norton Disc Doctor, and it do find the Partion, no problem.. it also finds the problems, and at least tries to fix it.. (The File Count and B-Tree is damaged, which means the computer aren't able to find out where all the files are.. Stupid enough.. before Norton Disc Doctor has finished, it Gives up (Out of Memory)..


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