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Feminism - Road to nowhere Part 1

Lately, I've stated in several places, that one of my pet subjects is how women are treated. Especially when it comes to how they're harrassed, raped and beaten up by their husbands. Ie, how their rights are violated, only because they're women. Now I'm not only limited to that. It's a general idea of all people being equal, and a general hatred against "violence" against other people only because they are something, being it Male, Female, White, Black, Asian, Christian, Muslim or whatever. Among that, it's, abuse against women, I feel the strongest against.

Also, to me it's natural that women (as with everybody else), should have the same status as men, with the same rights, equal salaries etc etc.

It's the basic same ideas that's called feminism, which, by the way, is about the last things I would call myself for several reasons.
- I generally hate labels, since it's exaclty the thing I'm about. So.. You have the label of being male, female, black, white etc. I don't think you can label anyone. I'm Caucasian Male, 37 yrs old, live in Sweden, have a cat, I have a plain work, I love movies, I do spend a lot of time with creative things. So, what label should you put on me, that covers all that. If I get the label White, does that mean I'm exactly the same as every other white person in the world?
- It's kinda sad that there have to be something called and defined as feminist, since in my view, it's totally natural thinking.
- I'm male, with tons of male thoughts, not all in the interest of females.
- Who am I, to put labels on myself. I am who I am. What labels others decide to put on me, that's their problem.
- Most important. I don't like feminists that much, since I hate fanatics of all kinds.

Both Men and Women are humans, and as such, very much alike. The word sex comes from: "The sum (6) total of the physiological, anatomical and functional characteristics which distinguish male and female; the quality of being male and female". As persons, both Males and females has the same needs. We all have to eat, go potty, comfort, strive for happiness etc. The one and only major difference there is, is due to the fact that women are able to give birth. It do affect the motives of actions of men and women. Women need to be more caring, in general, in order to feel for the childrens. Women need to be able to pick out "the right male", that best gives a good child, while men need to be attracted to women in a more direct way due to the fact that the women need something to pick from. (Women fight to be the most attractive, and being the one most interesting to men, and that way attract the best men). Men also needs to be protective. A woman with a child, are weaker, and not able to take care of herself as good as someone not having a child, and that way, men should have the quality of defedning them, as well as being able to bring them the things they need. That, is the foundation of it, and to a high degree important some ten thousand years ago. The basic foundation haven't changed, but the society has. Today, men doesn't need to protect women in the same way etc. Despite that, the differences are blown up more and more. Books like "Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars", sure doesn't help, since the whole idea of that is to label women and men, telling them how they are, or should be.

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