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Traffic lights..

I wonder.. are we naturally pessimistic in Sweden..

I guess the proper, technical term for traffic lighs in Sweden is that.. Traffic Lights..

(In Sweden they're Red, Yellow, Green, by the way)

In normal talk, and I guess the word that a lot think is the proper name for the traffic lights, is "Rödljus" / "Redlights".

I guess, used because the assumption they will be red when you get to them..

In case you're asking for direction here.. driving.. obviously the Traffic lights are used a lot.. "You go straight ahead, then when you come to the 2nd redlights you turn left..." etc..

Now, of course... they've discovered the trend of roundabouts, and I think we get new roundabouts as fast as they can build them..

Oh... on a note.. We actually have a 4-way Stopp crossing in Sandviken now.. The first I've ever encountered in Sweden.. (I know there might be some other, but... they're extremely rare). That was the first problem I encountered in USA.. It went well.. I'm not sure if I broke any law etc, but.. it went smooth driving.. until I came to a 4-way stop xing, and went: "eh.. this is something new.. and what the heck am I supposed to do now?" (I winged it, and later found out I was right).

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