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USA - Epilouge

Yeah.. I know. It's been some time since I came home etc... The problems being that everything kinda got out of order after I came home from USA. The week after, I were incredibly tired (Jet Lag or something), and sure not in the mood to do anything. All I did, was make a total mess of my apartment. Started working again. Still was incredibly tired. Did start a major clean up of my computer. Sorting and trashing stuff, back up on CD and reformat. Then hell trying to get everything back in about the order I wanted. As for common files, it wasn't much of a problem. It's worse with applications. Especially that I, for some reason, didn't get Outlook Express to find my old database, rules etc. I still haven't figured that one out, and have to still set it up with all the folders, rules etc, I want. Since I stupidly thought, as it always had done before, that I were gonna be able to use the old identy-folder, I didn't had the Adress-book saved in plain text. Big mistake, since I lost that too, and have to find all my friends e-mail adresses again.
Of course, with all the other applications, I needed install them, then find the updates, and update all programs.
Well.. Wasn't in the best of moods after that. For various reasons. Starting to work for real, knowing all the things I wanted, and should do, instead, sure didn't help. I felt really out of order. And then I got sick, just when I'd started becoming my usual happy me.

Well. USA. The most common question I've got afterwards, has been if I had fun, if I enjoyed my trip etc. Yes and no. Being there, weren't exactly "fun". No, it wasn't bad and boring. It was mostly being busy being there etc. I kinda enjoy it more now, when I'm back home, thinking. Yeah, wow, I've been to Graceland, I've walked over The Bridge in Madison County, etc etc. Now, of course, it's tons of things I wish I'd been able to do etc, and things I should've done. Some things I shouldn't have done. In general, I'm happy I did the trip.
Some thoughts about stuff.
Now Sweden is said to be the most americanized country in the world, so of course a lot of things are the same. Now I don't mean that we've got McDonalds and stuff, it's more about the general idea of things. How things work, etc.

USA is a touched self-obsessed, with a thought that: USA is best, why care about anything outside of USA. That means, USA in many ways, is able to step outside of itself, and look at how USA is, from another point of view.

In Europe, towns are built in a compact way. Basically you've got something in the middle, Fort, Market Square etc, and the town has been built around it, with all the offices and shops etc, around it, often with apartments on 2 - 6 floors above the shops. Around that city center, you've got large houses with apartments, then you got areas with small private houses. In USA, towns are laid out on a very big area, and with no real center, which means you need a car to drive around town, since it can be 4 miles between Circuit City and the OfficeMax you want to visit. In Sweden, it would be more likely that it were maybe 1/4 of a mile between them. Now I don't say it's good or bad each way. It's just different. The problem with USA, in my view, is that it's harder finding places. You kinda need to know where things are, to find them.
It's really easy to find the ways, tho, as long as you've got a map. As long as you know you're supposed to take "40" west, it's easy. In Europe, the directional signs tells where you come, if you take that road. As in: You go down a road, then a sign pointing right or left says: "Salina 15 (Km) >". The good with that, is that you know you're gonna end up in Salina if you turn there, that it's the "Salina Road". The bad thing is that it might be abstract. What the sign might fail to state that along that road, you also have "Upland", which is the place you're going to. You have to find out before, that, to get to "Upland" you need to take the road to "Salina". It's kinda easier to know that "Upland" is along "40", than that you're supposed to turn where the sign says "Salina".
In Sweden, there's no right turn on red, the trafic lights goes from red to yellow to green, we don't have yellow lines (As in, the roads are slightly more strict with where you can turn etc), the trafic lights are most of the time placed on the nearest side (not on the other side of the crossing road).
The WC's are deeper in Sweden (and in Germany and UK), with water at the bottom. In USA they were filled up so high, and close to where you sat.
In USA you had way more signs along the road, with Curve, Bridge etc, even when that curve you came to, ended up with you hardly turning the wheel.
I almost always forgot to lift the nozzle holder when I were feeding my car with more fuel. Something we got rid of in Sweden ages ago. In Sweden you just choose either nozzle, or use the nozzle and push the button for what Octane you want. In Sweden, our Octane starts at 93, by the way. In Sweden, it's common with an automat for inserting money, bills or card, next to the pumps. You feed the money, press a button, then go to the pump and start filling up the car (until the amount you've paid, runs out).
Hmm.. what else.. Can't think about anything else, at the moment.

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