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Så funkar det

Listening on the reprise of the Swedish Radio-show: "Så funkar det" (That's how it works), on P3.

By far, the most interesting show they've got..

The point of it, is that they find answers on things you always wondered about, or never ever have thought about. Often with a humouros angle.

You know.. All flags are drawn from left to right, as in.. the pole being on the left, then the flag to the right of it. That's the way the flags are "made", in a way..
That's most likely because we in the western world are used to write and read things from the left, which of course raise the question: "How do they draw flags in China?", where they're used to read from top to bottom from the right. Being used to that, one might think it would be natural to draw from top towards left as well, since the gaze seeks the top right corner. Now, as it happens, they do draw things, at least flags, from the left towards right.

Another question being: We all know what happens if you call into a program etc, on Radio and TV, while having the Radio or TV on. Since the phone pics up the radio- or TV-sound, you get a tremendous amount of feedback most of the time, or at the best, a very hollow and distorted echo. So, what happens if they've got a radio on, in the studio where the sound originates from? Because of the distance the sound has to travel, it creates an echo, since the sound arrives to the radio much later than it's said in the studio, and gets picked up by the microphone, which of course make it travel the whole way around again to the radio and getting picked up by the mic again etc etc..

Hmm.. if you had the radio on at the same volume as you say the word etc, would that mean it echoes an infinite amount of times??

Only in Swedish:

Now the question is: Where the heck does the light go?

If you're in a room, with a lamp. Then you shut off the lamp, and it gets dark in the room. So, where did the light go? Shouldn't it stay in the room. All that light the lamp has eminated before you shut it off, where does that light go?

Why are 4-wheel drive cars named 4x4? 4x4 isn't that 16? Does that mean it has 16 wheels? Shouldn't it be 2+2?

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