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Summer Nights..

and no bertrande, I'm not thinking about Grease now.. :P

It was rain and some thunder today, even if I didn't notice much of it, but it didn't last long. Instead it was replaced by a real nice evening.
The clouds disappeared, it wasn't much wind and a nice temperature..

It was totally wonderful when I walked hom from work at 10:15 p.m.

Not as bright as it can be, but still.. almost daylight..

So enjoyed the stroll home..

The pleasant temperature..

The sky all bright..

There were a lot of small clouds towards the north, all dark underneath, against the yellowish, from the setting sun, sky.. The clouds with a real bright orange lining..

It was dark enough to make the trees, the dark streetlights silhouett against the sky.

Some birds still singing..

All quiet and peaceful..

oh.. I so love Swedish summer evenings and nights..

If I ever moved away from here, that would be one of the things I would miss the most..

To just sit outside at 3 a.m. Enjoy the silence.. the calmness.. the warmth and that wonderful brightness in the sky that's so magical..

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