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Thom' Luka

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Song contest 2

Portugal: Nicest dress and hair (colour) But.. the song is a power-ballad without any emotional impact
Croatia: Nice stage.. the song could have been good, but simply isn't. Would have been perfect if it had worked, but since it doesnt, it.. just doesn't work at all.
Cyprus: Ricky Martin lite.. Enrique Iglesias lite.. and totally boring..
Germany: The drum-machines on highest tempo.. the song is about happy, but the song has surprsingly little joy in it.. it just goes on, and on..
Russia: t.a.t.u. Sounds T.a.t.u. but not as good as their hits. Still.. one of the best so far.. Kinda having what Germany lacked.. And the shock? Not doing anything at all.. :P
Spain: Ibiza-disco.. Euro-disco with spanish flavor.. Turkey did this, but 50 times better..

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