Thom' Luka (luka91) wrote,
Thom' Luka

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Now I'm seriously bored..

entering names of others in the battle imp thing..

Hmm.. funny.. think they've got some problem with the calculator..

pitted matttt's Battle Imp, Eaem, against mine.. and.. matttt won.. Something sneaky about that result since I had higher numbers in everything.. so I put in my name in matttt's Imp.. and then I won..

Hmm.. naturally.. I had to put in frida (Alin.. the cutests battle imp I've seen), against matttt.. and frida won!!!

so.. next it was..

anniz (also the cute Alin) against montfort (Asum).. and anniz wins!!

Hmm.. faeryguinevere agaist jpaulson.. <lj user=faeryguinevere) wins!!.. Now.. somebody!! Help!!!!!! Save me from myself.. :P Wow.. now it's a nice DIY-show on Discovery.. Build your own plane.. OK.. now... I like those junkyard wars.. shrapnel battle or whatever.. and.. sometimes DIY-shows about doing things on your house and stuff.. I can even go with re-model your car.. But.. "Build your own aeroplane".. yeah.. right.. They sure go for the wide audience there I guess.. I can imagine millions upon millons of viewers right now.. going.. Sure.. might not be a stupid idea for my next project..

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