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In Sweden they sell something called "Majblomma" (Mayflower), starting in April..

Originally I guess it was made of paper, but today it's plastic.. Sold as pins, stickers etc..

It's been sold since 1907, and every year has a different colour combination.. Which makes it possible for people to collect them.

It's cheap.

It's sold by children who walk around knocking doors etc.

Back in the beginning, it was to make a contribution to children with tuberculosis. Since it's not that common with tuberculosis today, it's been changed to help against other diseases as well as disable children, such as summer camps for disabled children etc.

No problem with that. It's a really good thing..

Lately, especially this year, they've started to have commercials on TV, informing what the money is used for and that you should buy them. Since it's for good use etc, I guess it's a good thing.. I guess..

Wonder how much money is spent on those commercials, which could be used to help children in need?

Now.. "Majblomman" is an established product, and I guess it's selling still, since it's such an established product.. Is there really a need for that much advertising?

Majblomman (In Swedish only)

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