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Posted this as a comment to someone's post in LJ..

There's only one truth.. and that's what's in your heart.. Nobody.. Not me.. not a single other person than you, knows what's in your heart.. the truth that's in there.. the truth that works for you..

No matter who they are.. nobody else has a better or worse heart than you (because everyone on this planet are worth as much or little as anyone else) and that way has no right to say what's best for you..

I know it's f-ing hard to do that, but.. don't listen to your brain.. trust your heart... Be the one you are, not what someone else wants you to be.
I don't say you become happier, since this is one screwed up world, which fights all attempts of being what one is.
There's always some miserable, unhappy persons who are so scared, they think they have to live up to a lot of things, selling their soul to be accepted, and being that unhappy.. they're dangerous.. doing their best to step on other people. Don't let them.

As I said.. Being you is hard, because there will always be envious people, who doesn't dare being themself. That way.. I can't promise you'll be happy if you listen to your heart. I'm fairly good at it, or really.. I'm good at not being someone else. I wish I could be a lot more me, tho.. because I think I'd be happier than I am. The forces working against me, is slightly too strong for me to entirely be me.

Still.. What would you prefer?

Being unhappy trying to be someone else, trying to live up to what's "normal", or do you want to be unhappy being yourself?

At least, when you're yourself, there's a chance of becoming happy, finding harmony. If you try to be someone else.. There's no f-ing chance you'll find true happiness, only other's happiness.

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