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I can't help but..

Now.. I'm not entirely sure about the organisation..

Of course.. I do like the idea about being against violence, but.. only because something is about violence, it doesn't mean I support that particular organisation just like that..

Not being entirely sure about their plan, motive or who's behind it etc..

Stiftelsen för Respekt
It's in Swedish

Whatever, I can't but help loving some of their commercials.. (The page is in Swedish, but the commercials in English)

Especially the "Ted & The Gang" one.. (Real Player File).

I do agree with their message tho..

"Everyone wants respect, few know what it means"

Way too many demand to be respected, but fails to show respect for others. Forgetting it's a two-way street..

I've seen a lot of it here in LJ, when the discussions has been heated. A lot shout about "Freedom of Speech", but a lot of those are the very first to go down on people using that freedom to say things that doesn't fit with their view, and wanting those banned or to have them shut up, because freedom of speech sshould be used only for the things they agree on.

If you want your view about things being respected, you have to respect that others might not agree.

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