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Great... Got another 6 DVDs today.. Brings the total up to 276 I think.

"Big". Love that movie. The kind of movies I love. Fun and romantic. Charming. Only negative thing is that it's a touch to sweetened. When you saw "Pleasantville" you kinda understood what Gary Ross, the Screenwriter, intended with both "Big" and "Dave". Both have a serious foundation, but it's pushed way back into the background. Still, "Big" really is a movie that's very easy to fall in love with. As for the DVD, it's just the basic. Movie and Trailer, and nothing else..

"Silence of the Lamb". A 2-disc DVD, with tons of extra-material. Haven't watched the DVD yet tho... As for the movie.. it's ok.. I'm a big fan of Thomas Harris' novels, and of course had read it before I saw the movie, making it impossible not to compare the movie with the novel. Of course, the novel is all about the psychology of "Buffalo Bill", and in the movie, he's just an excuse.

"The Yards". Know nothing about it. Haven't ever seen it, but it got rave reviews, and sounded interesting, so I bought it.

"Dr. T & The Women". Another movie I haven't seen.. Know it got really lousy reviews in England, in USA too, I think.. Got rave reviews in Sweden tho..
Because it's Mr. Robert "Short Cuts" Altman, I was kinda interested. Both because of that, as well as how bad it could be, with that negative reviews.. LOL

"The Exorcist - The Version You Never Saw". Just watched it on Fast Forward, basically.. Doesn't make that much of a difference, it seems. The new sound is uneven. Sometimes it's really great, other times it feels like listening to the old, mono sound. The commentary was extremely boring tho. Friedkin talking about God, Christianity, Evil and the Devil basically through the whole movie, it seemed.

"Anatomy of a Murder". I've been avoiding buying old black and white, mono movies on DVD, but.. some movies you just can't resist, such as this one. This movie, starring James Stewart and George C. Scott (among others), directed by Otto Preminger, and nominated for 7 Oscars in 1959, is just great, and once you start watching, it's really hard quitting. Despite being pure Film Noir, it's really easy-going and fun, even if it becomes less and less fun towards the end, when it becomes really tnese and exciting. For a film that "old", it does feel very modern. Much having to do with the fact that it was really daring in the time it came. First of all it combines a courtroom drama with the defense lawyers investigating the facts, which of course is very common today. Then it deals with a murder commited on a possible rapist, and a lot of the story feels like that Jodie Foster/Kelly McGillis-movie "Accused". Except, of course, having an old look, the only thing being of that time, is some Theatrical drama acting at times. Whatever, one can't go that wrong in deciding to watch this movie.

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