July 20th, 2005


Chapter 1,307 - How movies raise questions

I watched "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" on DVD.

One of the "new" interesting movies which uses Digital Technology in order to create the world of the movie.

The problem with the movie is that there's no point to the fact that it's done the way it is, and it's nothing new in the sense that it does nothing we've not seen before. The background might be digitally created. Have anyone heard about Backprojection? It's been used a very long time to place actors in a studio in some other place.

If you take away the technology, what remains is a standard "Biggles"-adventure, for good and worse.

As with most adventures, it's a matter of saving the world as we know it.

One problem I have with that kind of story, where they save the world from total destruction is the fact that: "Eh, so, if life got wiped out, who's left to complain?"

It did raise a question.

Imagine you're a "hero", coming up on that "mad" scientist who plans the destruction of the world. Say that he/she has created an Eden, with an "Arc" to save a pair of all species on earth, and essentially create a new start for earth, maybe better.

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