July 15th, 2005


Chapter 1,304 - How I make my way "home"

An awful many years ago, I was born at the hospital in a place called Tierp (only in Swedish)


I've never lived there, but my grandparents have been in the area around Karlholmsbruk, and with my grandparents on my mothers side being farmers, and both being from the area, with relatives all around etc, and doing business in the area, essentially a square between Tierp - the "1" - Lövstabruk - Dannemora are places I know by heart, since I spent every holiday and a good many weekends etc at my grandparent's farm.

There's a saying in Sweden that, if you're born north or south of the river Dalälven (Which ends by the "1" in the map), your heart and soul forever belongs to that side, no matter how long you spend living on the other side of it. Dunno if it's because of that, but I've always felt at home in that area. As if it's always gonna be my "real" home, that I belong there. I think I know the geography of that area, which roads leads where, in my mind, way better than I know the area around here.

But way often, one tend to overlook the obvious. It's an interesting area, with a lot of stuff to photograph, but going away, one tend to go away somewhere further away. I've actually never decided to go there, to just drive around that area and photograph. To actually spend some time in a lot of those places and check them out.

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21:54:32 / 9:54:32 p.m.

More than 12 hrs after having taken the first picture of the day, the sun started setting and it was time to drive "home".
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