June 27th, 2005


Chapter 1,297 - How I sat up way longer tonight than I thought

How many of you have the font: Papyrus on your computer??

As I promised before, I would post additional photos from Budapest in luka91_photo. Did that tonight. A lot of them are the same, but different versions of the images even if there's some new ones too.

And hopefully, in not too long, I'll post some more pictures there.

I know there's some new people interested in Photography on my Friends List, and if you've missed that, I mostly post my photos in my photo-LJ (Essentially all photos, except those that work as an illustration to a certain post etc), so some of you might want to add luka91_photo.

I like Papyrus a lot and probably is gonna use it more, at least in luka91_photo so you might want to download it here.


Chapter 1,298 - How I really feel tired every end of December and June

In December we've got Christmas, and six months later we have Midsummer's Eve in Sweden. 2 holidays that share surprisingly much with each other. Now, both sort of originates, up here in Scandinavia at least, out of our worshipping of the sun. You have Midwinter and Midsummer. The longest and shortest day of the year.

But those times usually mean one heck of a lot of bills as well, since a lot of of companies and services charge their Half Year payment at about that time. That way, you get both payments for insurance, of both home and car, Electrical bill etc, as well as the regular monthly bills such as rent etc.

Even if one know you'll get all those bills at end of December as well as end of June, it doesn't make it way funnier to actually pay them. :(

At least, they're paid, and even if I wish the remaining number was way bigger, it at least feel nice to know that you're able to spend all of the money you've got left in the coming month. Knowing that everything that need to be payed, is payed.

I wish I was better at setting aside a certain amount every month, into a second account, which would be used only to pay for regular bills (Electric, Home and car insurance, rent, Cable-TV, Internet).

As for Internet, I sure hope the landlord, Sandvikenhus is really fast in installing Internet here. They've decided to install fast Internet in their own net, into all their 5,000 apartments, which should make 100 Mbits in both directions, avaible. The sort of good thing with that, is the fact that the cost of it will be on the Rent, and quite low as well (They decided it was better to own the net themselves, rather than use some kind of service-provider. Now you'll have access to Internet, and buy certain services you want from various providers such as Digital-TV, Phone etc, through that, rather than buy a whole package from one ISP).