June 25th, 2005


Chapter 1,294 - How sweet sounds affect my friends

A question to all my friends here.. sort of..

Name 5 songs

I'm not sure which songs you should name. 5 songs that's your pleasures in some way. 5 songs you see as treasures. 5 favorites. 5 songs that reflect your taste. 5 songs that make you stop doing whatever you're doing. 5 songs that you always tend to return to, in some way (as in.. songs that you start listening to because you feel a need to listen to that very song).

It can be new songs, or old songs. Just 5 songs that's special to you.

To make it easier to read your answrs, I would suggest you write your answers as:

"Title" - "Artist"

And.. you don't have to explain why. Just added that in case you'd like to add a comment to your choice..

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I know it might be tricky to select just 5 songs (So just make a comment with 50 more if you want :-p), but here are what I would answer:

"What's The Colour of Money" - Hollywood Beyond Not sure why, really. It was played a lot in Sweden ages ago, sometime in the 80's, and I just loved it, and still love it.

"Come Together" - The Beatles/Ike & Tina Turner/Michael Jackson As simple as that rolling rhythm, which can be made in such different ways by different artists, and it's tricky to pick one because of the different qualites. I like the emotional impact of the Beatles version, as well as the rocking version of Ike & Tina Turner as much.

"Winter" - Tori Amos Always turn my heart inside out, sort of. Very emotional and monumental.

"Shout" - Lulu Energy like nothing else

"Amapola" - Ennio Morricone (Once upon a time in America) Turn this old song into a very emotional, romantic slow waltz