June 22nd, 2005


Chapter 1,292 - How I investigate my interests and come up with nothing new

Thank you moo58

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. emma thompson score: 8
2. roman polanski score: 7
3. zhang ziyi score: 6
4. rear window score: 6
5. galaxy quest score: 6
6. neil jordan score: 5
7. william h macy score: 5
8. bound score: 5
9. kyra sedgwick score: 5
10. katherine hepburn score: 5
11. bob odenkirk score: 5
12. helen mirren score: 5
13. the iron giant score: 5
14. helena bonham carter score: 5
15. frank capra score: 5
16. michael nyman score: 5
17. blood simple score: 5
18. miller's crossing score: 5
19. james stewart score: 4
20. bill forsyth score: 4

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Now, this thing takes your least popular interests and compare what other interested in that interest, has listed in their interests to figure out what's the most common interests among those.

I kinda like the idea for several reasons. People tend to like a lot of things surrounding a certain interest, as in.. I you're interested in Director Peter Greenaway, you're likely to listen to Composer Michael Nyman as well, and as a spin-of of that, might be an interest for the film "The Piano". as well as Jacobean theatre etc. Especially if you bother to list something specific and unusual.

Now, I have such a lot of interests listed I can't really fit any of these, and I've sort of narrowed the interests I've listed down to very special things, which I sort of know something about. I mean. I like Michael Nyman and have a lot of his CDs, but the fact is that I don't know that much about him. Probably more than many others, but I wouldn't be able to really discuss Michael Nyman with someone being "seriously" interested in him. In that sense, it's a slight protection to not list him.

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