May 27th, 2005


Chapter 1,280 - How I (finally) describe my adventure in Budapest (Illustrated)

As you might know, I went on a trip to Budapest about 2 weeks ago, which came as a surprise to some, since I hadn't mention it before, despite knowing about the trip since January (Only 3-4 online friends knew about it).

The reason why it's taken so long to get around to write about my experiences of Budapest have to do with me having 940 images with me, back home. I first had to narrow those down, deleting doubles, which got me down to about 550 images. Then I've looked through all of those, in order to fix them up. Adjusting colour, exposure etc. Yes. That took a long time. Out of those, I selected the images I was gonna upload and use to illustrate this article.


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Chapter 1,281 - How I need to make a choice.. (and impulse getting the better of me)

My mobile/cell phone has started to act up, since I came home from Budapest..

I might have dropped it, but I'm not sure..

Whatever, when it's ringing, or when talking.. in the middle of it, it might just signal Low Battery, even if I've just charged it and the indicator show full, or just turn off..

As in.. You hear 1 signal, then the phone turns off and then starts up again. or I might be talking, then the phone beeps and show "Low battery" in the display and 2 seconds later the phone turns off (without turning on again).

It might be the battery reaching it's end, not having changed the battery in it since I bought it back in 2002. As I said, I might have dropped it, and the battery-cover do have some play on one side. Not closing entirely.. That might A: make the battery to not connect properly, or.. B: The electronics might have gotten some kind of damage.

I've thought about buying a new phone, but that's expensive, and the only thing wrong with the one I have might be the battery. As in.. if I change the battery, which cost exactly a tenth of the new phone I'm thinking about, my current phone might work as it should. At the same time, of course, I could change the battery, and it turn out that's not the reason why it behaves the way it does.

The phone I've been thinking about: SonyEricsson K750i

The most complete phone I've seen..

It's Triple Band (GSM 900, 1800 & 1900, which is good if I want to go to USA next year)

It has a 262 K Colour Screen

It's got 34 MB internal memory as well as coming equipped with a 64 MB Memory Stick PRO Duo (and you obviously can buy a 1 GB Memory Stick if you want).

It have a 2 MP camera (with 4x Digital Zoom), and you can record video with it. (The camera has gotten great reviews).

Sound Recorder

It has Java, which allow you to play 3D Java Games.

Stereo mp3-player as well as FM-radio.

Bluetooth and Infrared and USB, with PC sync

And it's obviously able to do everything a phone can do.. GPRS, WAP, Modem, SMS, MMS, EMS, e-mail and Instant Messaging as well as QuickShare.

As well as features such as being able to have Photos in the contact list, wallpapers, screensavers, Picture gallery, Menu with Icons, Clock Functions, Calendar, Video player (Including streamed video).

And it do have 9 hrs of Talk Time and 400 hrs of stand-by

Essentially, it does everything a phone can do, except video conferencing and HTML browsing (Which you need a 3G/UMTS phone for).

Hmm.. and writing all that, reading about the phone etc.. I couldn't resist it, so I searched "Pricerunner", found a place that actually seem to have it in stock (Which most places doesn't have, since it's completely new and the number of people wanting it being huge), and ordered it along with a USB Bluetooth Dongle.