May 21st, 2005


Chapter 1,273 - How I surf various celebrity blogs.. and admire Russian postcards

I'm still fixing pictures from the Budapest trip.. Sorting through 940 images took an awful lot of time, and having in the evenings this week, I've not had that much time. At least, now I've sorted the pics and is just making finishing touches to them.


For some reason, both of the main Swedish evening papers have discovered there's things called "Blogs". About 2-4 years late, but.. Their craze now, is that all and then some, of their "famous" journalists have their own blogs on their sites ( and

When it comes to "blogs", or contact with their fans, there's some famous people taking the opportunity to express themselves on the net.

Jenna Elfman have a neat Official site, that have a personal feeling to it. Even if it's a company designing and maintaining it, it feel as if Jenna keep an eye on it, to see to it that it reflects herself. And, of course, she do post "letters" every now and then.

Jamie Oliver have a slightly more "professional" site, but with the benefit of both a diary as well as a moblog. And, of course, one could always pick up a recipe, in between him wanting you to buy his books etc.

When it comes to a journaling, I guess Moby's is the most "everyday" and closer to the look and feel of how people in, say, LJ write.

Lions Gate Directors feature a series of journals, on a professional note, by various directors, and among those are David Duchovny writing about his "House of D", among others. Through that site I also found a very interesting site for the movie Saw which isn't for those afraid of the dark. That site is very suggestive and "scary". Nothing you prefer surfing a dark night with the lights turned off. (I bet jema would love that site :-p).

A slightly "coldish" touch to William Gibson's blog, and it's sort of tricky to get into. It feels as if you have to start from the beginning, in order to catch up on the running themes.

By far, the BEST (in my view) is Rosie O'Donnell's. Interesting, fun, personal and all written in verse... actually feels really honest, compared to being a PR blog.

a lot more could be found on


I got a wonderful postcard from kinobar today.. Made me feel way better. Thank you!! :) (I've always loved that style, by the way. Especially this one:

It's in the traditional Russian style of the 30's - 50's, as can be seen at

Chapter 1,274 - How I declare Wiley Miller god..

The great thing with Non Sequitur is the fact that it's such a lot of things, since there's no main characters (or really, a great gallery of them) the way you had with Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, Peanuts etc. That way, the comic could be anything. In a sense, you get 4 stories in one.

The above example, is my favorite, where Wiley with extremely simple means totally disarms and expose stuff through some kind of twist.

Now, on Sundays, he has a running story: "Ordinary Basil", which drives some people nuts because Wiley has set up a really interesting story, but only tell them 2 images at a time. That's like getting a new page of "Lord of the Rings" once every week. Most likely, Ordinary Basil will be collected in a book some day, but I guess a lot of the charm would be missed by that. Not to mention one would miss the LJ comments from all the ones slowly building up a frustration of the non-action... :-p

The most ordinary is the running Kate (with family) character, which is similar to "Calvin & Hobbes" in many way, but more political and cynical.

Similar to the first, but still a strand of it's own, are the People in situations strips. Sort of hard to explain exactly how those strands differ from each other.

For everybody having pets.. a dog (or cat), this is the strip for you..

Go get the Non Sequitur Feed on LJ..
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Chapter 1,275 - How I'm not surprised about the times I post..

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When do you post?
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Now, the times I post have something to do with when I work, as well as the time I feel most awake.

That I have a slight top at noon, have to do with starting to work at 2 p.m. I usually come home at 10.30 p.m. and stays awake until 2 - 3 p.m., which mean I usually sleep fairly long in the morning. Then I might write a post somewhere in that time between waking up and starting to prepare to go to work.

When I have time off, I'm usually mostly awake during the nights.. I tend to be a zombie in the days, until about 10 p.m. when I start being in a really good mood, feel motivated to do creative things etc.. Which explains why most posts are between 10 p.m. - 2 a.m.

Chapter 1,276 - How I'm impressed with the sound of ESC..

The Eurovision Song Contest just started..

Norway, with a Rock/Metal (Think Spinal Tap/Darkness) song, thanked the Swedish team doing the sound, which gave Norway's song the power it needs, and listening to the sound now, I'm really impressed by the sound.

Most music programs on TV play it too safe, limiting the sound to something "normal", which means cutting off the deepest bass, which takes the power out of rock.. as well as cutting off the higher end of the scale, which make guitars sound extremely muffled etc. A sound good for vocals, but sure make the music sound "dead".

I love the colour of the female presenter's dress, but.. eh??

Chapter 1,277 - How I suspect foul play in the ESC..

Now, half of the production team comes from Sweden..

Norway thanked Sweden for fixing such great sound, but I do think they have a reason to complain now, since it didn't sound as good tonight. There are other songs too, as one of the favorites, Greece's, that sounded a touch "muted".

While Sweden's song, "Las Vegas" sounded exceptionally good, with a big "show" sound. Sort of a "full" sound.

One of the few songs with a big sound, that sounds full. Most other with a big sound, sounds a touch "limited", while the "Voice" acts, without too much music, has faired well with the sound.

Did the Swedes have a button that said.. "Full sound" on it??

Hungary.. Ruslana Light, but.. I kinda like it.. (and no.. not because I just came home from Budapest :-P)

Norway still has a chance.. wih their Metal light, even if they didn't sound as sure as they could..

Moldova are dangerous..

Israel has a nice power ballad..

Sweden.. Good performance, that might kick it up into top 10..

Switzerland.. might take the votes from Norway..

France.. terrible singer, but the song actually is good. Nice feeling..

Chapter 1,278 - How aware they seem to be about Neighbour votes..

Watching the votes in ESC..

There has been a lot about neighbouring countries voting for each other. A lot complains about that, thinking Eastern Europe have that to thank for their wins. (At the same time forgetting that it's always been that way. May the best song with the most neighbours win, and Scandinavian aren't any better than others).

I think that's natural. Living in Sweden, I have a far bigger chance of hearing Norway's song than Andorra's song, etc.

Of course, neighbouring countries have a similar culture, which make each other's songs sound closer to heart, sound slightly more "right".

Especially in Eastern Europe, they've always been good at promoting themselves, by touring in the other countries, having their songs played on the radio etc, which make the songs familiar in the neighbouring countries by the time for the final.

Even if it have been some of it the past years, it's a lot of it this year. The avareness of voting on a neigbouring country, by the ones presenting each countries votes. The sort of.. "And.. surprise, surprise.. of course we give 12 points to our neighbour".

Interesting.. Turkey gave Greece 12 points.. Neighbours, but up until about 5 years ago, bitter enemies. The thing is.. some years ago, there was a huge earthquake in mainly Turkey, which affected Greece as well. Greece was close, and fast to offer help, which was accepted by Turkey. Then they discovered. Hey.. We're both humans, and we're not that different. Before that, of course, the other country was described by the other as populated by inhuman monsters.
You could feel the difference when watching the Olympics in Athen, when they often played Turkish hits at the arenas etc.
Now, being somewhat close, and with Greece having one of the favorite songs (and most likely the winner), nothing stopped Turkey giving the 12 points that Greece deserves, while some years ago, Greece getting a point from Turkey would have been impossible..