May 1st, 2005


Chapter 1,265 - How I explain my subjects of late

As you might have noticed, I've started using a standard "Subject" when posting.

Blame that on "Le Mort d'Arthur" by Sir Thomas Malory (Even if you could blame the Holy Bible as well, if you feel like doing that).

If you haven't read "Le Mort d'Arthur" (You really should, it's a great book), here's some explanation of how it's written.

"Le Mort d'Arthur" is written as several books, 21 of them, which all are divided into short chapters, some less than a page long. All chapters have a "description" of what that chapter is about, and more than a few of them, start with "How", even if there's exceptions to that.

An example:


Le Mort d'Arthur - Vol. 2 - Book XI

Chapter 9: How Dame Elaine was commanded by Queen Guenever to avoid the court, and how Sir Launcelot became mad

Now turn we unto Queen Guenever and to the fair Lady Elaine, that when Dame Elaine heard the queen so to rebuke Sir Launcelot, and also she saw how he swooned, and how he leapt out at a bay window, then she said unto Queen Guenever, 'Madam, ye are greatly to blame for Sir Launcelot, for now have ye lost him, for I saw and heard by his contenance that he is mad for ever. Alas, madam, ye do great sin, and to yourself great dishonour, for ye have a lord of your own, and therefore it is your part to love him; for there is no queen in this world hath such another king as ye have. And if ye were not I might have the love of my lord Sir Launcelot; and cause I have to love him for he had my maidenhood, and by him I have borne a fair son, and his name is Galahad, and he shall be in his time the best knight of the world.'



"Le Mort d'Arthur" was the first book I ever read in English (Great start, eh? I'm almost proud of having been able to read it without ever cheating and use a dictionary), and being the romantic I am, I've always loved the style and language of the book. Good, or not. It feels "proper", in some way. It has "style", which a lot of modern books seem to lack. When reading older books, you get a sense of reading something, rather than something you just pick up at the airport/trainstation etc, in order to kill time. And, even it might look as an effort reading that, it's surprisingly easy to get into and just read it.

The Chapter, obviously, is the number of Journal Entries I've made. The only bad thing with that, is the fact that I have to remember what Chapter it is, which often make me have to look it up.

And I tell you, it's surprisingly tricky at times to come up with a Subject that starts with "How (I)"

Chapter 1,266 - How I spend time doing things I shouldn't do

Instead of sorting stuff and make back ups on DVDs, I ended up spending time doing some new User Icons (doing more or less work on them)

I didn't had any Mac OS icons, despite my love for Apple/Mac OS, and I've yet to see any "Tiger" ones, so now, as I'm gonna upgrade to 10.4 (as soon as I get it, probably Monday since it's been shipped), I thought I could create some "Tiger" icons. Especially since I have a love of tigers. (As well as Zebras and Penguins). Far from easy creating, because of both lousy and small graphics to work with, as well as the result having to be only 100 x 100 pixels.

I don't drink coffee, except the rare cup every other year or something, but I drink huge amounts of tea. Stole these buttons from some banner at Lipton where you can win a Weekend trip to London.

Even if I love tea, or possibly because I do love tea, I had to make a PG Tips icon. A note: I absolutely hate PG tips, and it's a shame that could be called tea, because it's about the most disgusting tea I've ever tasted. So, creating a PG tips icon, was done mostly as a joke.


According to Chinese counting, I was born in the year of the Hare.

With the new "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy" movie, and with my love for both the radio play (which I have on CDs) and the books.. why not a "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy" icon? Even if I went with the old design, rather than the movie one (Which I've read should be a great movie that shouldn't make Douglas Adams squirm in his grave).

A DEVO icon, used on their "Total Devo" album. Even if I shall replace that with a new version that say: "Be happy or not" (above) and "it's all the same" (at the bottom).

Oh, my eye.. me doing my Stephen King-impression :-p
My eyes is what I get the most comments on. Not sure why? herlife?? Not, why shouldn't I get that. It's more a curiosity in what make my eyes "special".

Then I have a couple of older ones, which I've created and uploaded every now and then..

- "Eddie". - Wild Me. (Not created by me, but by someone in de_evolution) - Duty now for the Future. - Darkness (and no matttt, it's not that Darkness).


Note to myself: Create a de_evolutionary oath, animated icon

Chapter 1,267 - How we do in Sweden the last day of April

Ok.. so we've all gathered a lot of stuff that burns.. Garden waste after having cleaned up after the winter, preparing the garden for the spring etc, then on April 30, we burn that up as some local man's choir sings songs about winter having ended, and it's time for summer. Maybe someone have a speech of some kind. Then all ends with fireworks, or well.. that's before people get totally wasted drinking stuff that has a percentage sign on the label.

Tradition, at least around here, seem to be that the weather usually totally sucks that evening.. All of April, it can be wonderful weather with sunshine etc, but then comes April 30 and it's cold, windy, rainy or snow in the air. Often, the fire is a relief.

Now, due to unfortunate events, I wasn't able to really make it in time, essentially coming there about the same time the firework ended :( (It had to do with getting gas in the car, and a lot of struggles taking some 15 mins, to get that).

But was able to get some pictures, if without fireworks..

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