April 20th, 2005


- 4 G

And Rollercoaster enthusiasts will invade Liseberg in Göteborg (Gothenburg) this summer it seems



They already had "Balder", which has been named the worlds best wooden roller coaster, as well as "Lisebergsbanan" being a steel coaster. Now they've added a small "Intamin" Rocket coaster to the bunch, which seem to make coaster fans all over the world drool.

It might not be the fastest, highest coaster in the world, but being extremely compact and still feature a lot of "elements" all taken at top speed, it seem to be one of the best layouts in the world, combining intensity without beeing too wild to be fun and comfortable to run.

The ride takes about a minute, with a speed of about 70 - 75 kmh (45 mph)

It launces, which mean it'll go from 0 - 75 kmh/47mph in about 2 seconds, before going 90 degrees up on a "top hat", and then 90 degrees downwards again, before going over a slight hill which gives airtime, which directly takes you to a loop and down to a 360 degree roll, and doing all that at full speed, which no other coaster so far has been able to do. You're exposed to a maximum force of 4 negative G, and two instances of weightlessness.

A POV video of it:


I'll see if I dare go on it on my planned visit to Göteborg this "summer" sometime..

What do you say janette or greenskye. Wanna take a ride?