March 17th, 2005


Ralph Erskine

Famous, British/Swedish Architect Ralph Erskine has died..

I'm living in an apartment he has made. Half of Sandviken, is made by Erskine. Well.. not exactly, but a lot of it is, including the whole area I'm living in..

He was a master at creating houses for people, as in.. with the thought of: Humans should live and/or work here.

Even if it's not that obvious, at first sight, the more you discover, the more you learn how much thought he's put into it, to get it right for "now" and "future". Few architect are so ageless as he was.

Even if he made housing areas where thousands of people should live, he was able to sort of shrink it to enclosed communties. A village inside the village.

I think he was an expert when it comes to how people work and act. The way we move, the way we communicate. What we like and want. Simply the way we function.

At the same time as he make it all interesting, because there's no rules. As soon as you think you've figured out some kind of pattern, there's something that doesn't follow it, and you have to start over, until you give up. He must have made builders crazy, since there doesn't seem to be any standards. From one house, to the next, even if they might look the same at a first glance, they do differ. Different size windows, different placement of doors etc. Creating a feeling of something that belongs together, but without becoming something static..

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