March 7th, 2005


snow falling..

Well... the sun sort of shine, and it's warm.. so huge masses of snow keeps falling from the roofs..

(poor Edward, who have to figure out what the heck sounded, every time, and just looking puzzled.. )

Yay.. sun!!!!

Darn.. Cloud :(

Yay.. Sun again..

It looks nice when the sun shines.. and totally gray and boring every single time there's a cloud.. (more often than not, it's clouds)

But.. since it seem to be more and more sun.. I guess I'll grab the camera and go down to the bookstore and buy that new Stephen King book I ordered.. (and see if there's any remains of the annual book sale)

Feel kinda.. restless.. so it might be a good idea to go do something.. See if I could get it out of my system..