January 5th, 2005



I use NewsFire for RSS feeds, and it’s a really great program.. but..

soon I think I’ll start using some other, being bored with it being in constant work..

I don’t remember which was the first version I downloaded of it, about a month and a half ago..

0.3.? something, I think.. Yes.. it’s Beta.. (So far I haven’t had the slightest problem with it)

But, I just deleted 2 previous versions of it from my HD, using version 0.4. Got a message saying that there was a new version, 0.5, avaible, and did I want to download it..

Yes! Clicked OK, and was brought to the download-page, and there it says.. “Download Version 0.6”

If you can stand all the updates, it’s a really good (and rock solid) Mac RSS client, and I really reckommend it..


It also confirms to Apple’s style, in everything but having the Search-field at the bottom, rather than up at the top..
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More Newsfire

Downloaded NewsFire 0.6 yesterday, when I made that previous post..

Just started Newsfire, and what did it greet me with..

“NewsFire version 0.61 avaible. Do you want to download it”

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Wireless Skype

VTech has joined up with Skype to create a wireless phone that will work with Skype.

Using Skype now, mean you’re tied to the computer, and this essentlially free you from that, and make it possible to use Skype as a regular phone.

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