December 28th, 2004


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At least 24,000 people dead..

About 50,000 people still missing, and presumed dead

The disaster in South East Asia, will be the, so far, worlds largest Help effort ever..

The cost will be billions of dollars, most likely a lot of billion of dollars..

Basically all UN divisions in crise meetings..

Basically all Rescue organisations move all their resources towards helping in that area..

It’s a major tourist area, and as for Sweden, 20 - 30,000 were expected to be in the area. 2,000 of those are still “missing” (That’s those that the travel companies haven’t been able to get in contact with, and not counting those that has made it there outside of an arranged travel).
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Thinking about what I would buy..

As you know, I’ve planned to buy a new Digital camera sometime in January/February.. Easier said than done, when there’s a Digital SLR, and you need a lot of extra stuff such as memory cards etc..

This is what I plan to buy (Even if I might not order everything at the same time)

Pentax *ist DS + 18 - 55 lens

Memory Cards: SanDisc SD 1GB Ultra II + SanDisc SD 256 MB

SanDisk ImageMate USB 2.0 Reader SecureDigital/Multimediacard

Portable HD w. built-in Memory Card reader (20 GB Compact Drive PD6A ??)

Pentax Remote Control

4 x Li-ion rechargeable CR-V3 + Charger

Tripod: Manfrotto 055 CLB PRO + Head: Manfrotto 141RC

1 or 2 camera bags.. not sure which yet.. I want a very small one, with room for only the camera with lens + another lens.. and some additional stuff such as batteries, memory cards etc.. + a large bag where I’m able to have like.. everythiing.. Olympus, both Pentax bodies, lenses, flash etc.. Probably 2 LowePro bags.. Nova AW 1 and Nova AW 5??
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