December 26th, 2004


The new batch

They’re showing Gremlins 2 on TV now..

It’s a huge favorite of mine, even if it was some time since I saw it now..

One thing.. I’m so happy they didn’t made Gremlins now..

The Gremlins.. or.. Gizmo.. might look a touch “plasticy”, but at least he’s “real”..

If it’s been made today, I bet you would’ve seen a lousy CGI instead..
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Watching BBC World..

It’s scary and sad to see them showing from the Earthquake in South East Asia (India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia etc)

The 5th strongest Earthquake in the last 100 years.. with 8.9 on the Richter Scale.

Now, it was at sea, which created huge waves, or as someone described it.. “It wasn’t as if it was a wave coming in, it was more like the whole sea suddenly rising with about 20 ft”

Most likely at least 3,000 dead, possibly more since a lot of people are missing or badly hurt.



BBC World

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