December 24th, 2004


The very merriest Christmas to all my really dear friends here on LJ

And a really heartfelt thank you to bpsycho4me, for the Christmas Present!!

and the Christmas Cards of..

frida (Johanna!!! Why did the card have bitemarks?? :-p)



iluselu (Ruumsaid juulup)




Jane and Grandmother..

You’re all so lovely, with real hearts of gold, and nothing beats having friends like you.. You’re bestest!! Hugs!!

Beside that..

Every year we get a Christmas Present from work, and this year it was a Sleeping Bag.. (Dunno what they’re thinking.. Last year we got a Camping chair, the year before that we got a Thermos mug.. What are we gonna get next year? A Tent?? Do they plan to have us camp outside in the parking lot, so we’re always there, or are they gonna close the place and seeing to it that we have somewhere to live?)

Then.. now I’m not sure if this is scary or...

A surprise package in the mailbox one day.. It was from, where I order almost all my DVDs from.. Hmm.. I can’t remember having ordering anything now??? Opened it, and it was a Disney DVD.. :)

Still.. Not sure what I should think about it..

Hello, Now as the darkness of fall has come, I would like to brighten your life with a gift in the shape of a Christmas Present. What can be better than this years big Christmas movie from Disney, “Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas”.

I want to thank you for being one of our very best customers and that you’ve contributed to our company having had a development that lacks all comparisons.


I and all of uS (~here at Discshop) wish you a really Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

I mean.. “... one of our very best customers... “. That a hint about me buying way too many DVDs, or?? :-p wens!! I think I have like 750 DVDs now.. Still wanna come here?? ;)
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