December 3rd, 2004



Wrapped some Christmas presents..

Bought Christmas Cards.. (someone wanting one???)

Friends only, visible to none..

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Bought 2 CD..

Gotta quote Mora Träsk (Originally a band playing rock, then and now a very popular duo doing music for kids), who released an album titled “Rocken kommer från Gävle” (Rock comes from Gävle)..

Bought The Refreshments - “Rock’n’Roll X-mas” (as with Mora Träsk from Gävle, and considered the main and best Rock’n’Roll band in Sweden now)

(Also bought The Black Eyed Peas - “Elephunk” (It was on Sale.. 50%) Having wanted that for a long time, but never got around to buy it)..

Yeah.. don’t try to make sense of what music I’m listening to..

oh.. and they have built the Christmas Goat in Gävle now.. and so far.. nobody has burnt it yet, at least :)

See it live..

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    The Refreshments - The Billy Goat