December 2nd, 2004



There’s a discussion about a new Reality-show they’re showing on TV here..

“Riket” (The Kingdom). It takes place in Medievel times.. Except that, it’s more or less like The Farm, Survivor etc etc..

It’s sort of taking things a step further.. With harder tests, using old-time torture etc..

Now, the general “fascistic” concept of those make me totally sick

One defending the program says it’s “Just entertainment”.. “Fiction”.. “Over a million viewers” and “6,000 people searched”..

The alarming fact with that, is the fact that people enjoy, and glee over, fascisitic ideas, where “The strong wins”.

One would be able to see it as sport, but the difference is.. in sport, you have stricktly technical rules, etc.. In a reality-drama, you try to mimic “life” and social rules.

And the “life” and social rules portrayed is of a fascistic society, where the “elite” survives.. Not the strongest, best trained etc, but the one that’s best in “manipulating” others, and use them.

That 6,000 people want to do that, is scary.. that over a million people, in Sweden, think it’s entertainment is major bad, since it show their essential view.. That, what the shows show is “right”.

The sad part, is the fact that it’s shown on kid friendly time. It’s not promoted as kids TV, but at the same time they try to make it sort of “kid-friendly”..

So.. what are kids gonna believe? What view of life are they gonna grow up with?

That it’s alright that ony the selected few are allowed to play and have fun on the schoolyard? That those that aren’t good enough, is alright to pick on etc..

It makes me so totally sad..

It makes me sad that the world seems to be on it’s way to.. well.. I dunno.. “hell”!! :(

Corporation using the world as a large chess-board, playing out countries against countries.. Since the Swedish workers, or German or.. are too expensive.. we hire people from Poland, Estonia, Portugal or something, where they’re cheaper, and that way forcing the others to drop their salaries to be able to compete, despite living on a minimum already.. Creating Slaves..

If the enviromental laws doesn’t fit, move to another that’s not so touchy about that.. making life hell for those living there.. and destroying earth..

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