November 26th, 2004


One of my, oh so (im)famous long posts..

As I wrote, I orginally booked the trip to Stockholm in order to buy tickets for going to London and visiting engelskjente this Christmas, but now that didn’t turn out to be, even if I might go in February or March instead.. At least, then.. I will not end up in London in the middle of the Christmas rush, and I will have a new camera, Pentax *ist DS, I can try out (hopefully).

So.. went to Stockholm without any specific plan. Thought I might see a movie or two.. but ended up not seeing a single one..

Came to London 10:35, exacty according to the timetable.. There’s a lot of complaint about the trains not running on time etc, in Sweden. I don’t know if I’m just lucky or what, because my trains are, except for one time, always on time +/- 5 mins. And when it was late, the longest I’ve had to wait, was 25 mins. Flights, on the other hand. The worst thing with flights, is the fact that you A: etiher is in the airport, because you’re expected to be there 1 - 2 hrs before, and at the gate some 30 mins before the flight are supposed to go (and all know what a great fun airport terminals are, and how great it is to just be trapped there and wait. B/ If you’re even more unlucky, you’ve been able to board the plane, and if it’s something that bothers me, it’s being on a plane. Not exactly the most spacy enviroment, you can’t really do much neither, since you sort of sit and waith for take off and you don’t want to start tearing out whatever stuff you’re having with you.. so you just sit there and wait, crammed into those huge (ha ha!!!) seats, the plane getting warm, because they can’t run the “AC” when the plane aren’t running etc.. Thought about that, when I came home, actually.. when I was on the bus the last part of the trip, yesterday.

As I said.. I thought I’d see a movie.. Now, as it is.. there goes a lot of great movies at the moment, but there’s only two I sort of wanted to see.. Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow, because of the look etc, or The Incredibles (Because, generally, PIXAR does good, fun movies (Even if The Incredibles has gotten some lousy reviews because of it’s conservative 50’s idea of the family, which was so greatly parodied in Pleasantville (with all right, in my view)). Even if, if I picked one animated movie to see this year, it most likely would be The Polar Express.

Now, none of that would be. I had checked the times for Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow online. November 25, 12:00 at Filmstaden Sergel. Perfect. It would mean I’d be able to stroll around some, have a general look in some of ther more interesting store, before actually buying anything anywhere, before strolling over to the Cinema which is smack in the middle of the city. Did that, checked out the movies showing.. And nowhere to be seen, was that movie.. Eh?? OK.. Now it wasn’t even listed among the SF films in the whole of the city. ok then.. Strolled over to one of SandrewMetronome’s cinemas about 3 mins away (since Sergel didn’t show any other movie I felt like seeing), to see if the listed it etc.. They did. At one place in the city.. Filmstaden Sergel, at 12:00. OK!!! Headed back to Sergel :( It wasn’t listed, but thought I’d better ask.
“You’re not showing “Sky Captain””?
“Eh.. no.... “
Told him it was listed at Sandrews etc etc (Even if it was listed on SF’s site of movies showing at Sergel, which is a SF cinema).. and learned that the house had been rented out for some conference, so they only had 3 screens (of the 15 they have) left to show movies in.
So, that accurate was their site.. :( :(
Seems that one part of the company don’t know what the other does, since it was this past Tuesday I checked the site, and I really doubt they found out Wednesday that it was rented out on Thursday..

Made my way to Macoteket. Easier said than done, since it was rather warm, there had been snow the day before, probably, and now all of that was melting. The streets, of course, were bare.. but at the sides there were huge puddles of water, and the sidewalks were.. mush.. :(

While walking, I thought about the question a lot of people ask, especially in swedes. What to see and do in Stockholm, when visiting. The thing is, there’s a billion and two things, or just a couple.. Stockholm does have some attractios. Some good museums etc, The Wasa Museum. You have the “Old City”, the Castle etc etc. But generally, there’s not that much of that there. The good thing with Stockholm is that it’s a city where you can just “be there”. To stroll around, look at views, look at buildings. Sit down in some café, shop etc.. It’s a varied city, with old and modern, ugly and beautiful etc.. side by side. You would be able to walk over to “Old City” and be in that old enviroment, which is neat, but then one misses out on a lot of old buildings in other places, etc. Because there are, maybe not as old, around the city.

Macoteket. They had service, for sure.. Ended up being there for 1 1/2 hrs or soemthing like that.. Despite it being a really small store, which is more of a store front to their, main, online store. More showing the computers, displays etc, and mostly sell small stuff like iPods and cables and stuff.

After having seen ads like this all over Stockholm at the moment..

How could I resist buying an iPod?? :-p Actually, I had more or less made up my mind about buying one, but wasn’t entirely sure. As it were, I did buy the 20 GB one.. If you listen to Apples advertising, that would fit somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 songs, which is pretty impressive, thinking about it as that, seeing how small and neat it is.. Even if it was more to just have a look around, that made me go there.. They had all the computers there.. the new iMacs, various Powerbooks etc.. and.. the Displays.. The Apple 20, 23 and 30” flat displays.. Forget about the 30” one, unless you edit movies.. It simply is too big. If you’re close enough to be able to read on it, it means it stretches outside of your view, sort of, which gives the weird effect of having to move your head to be able to follow the cursor across the screen. The 23” one, seems to have just the perfect size. Not that I would want one, not a flat display at least. I simply can’t stand the view the display shows. The very quality of the image. Then, they had an Epson R800 printer there, along with R200 and R300. Now, photographing, and thinking about selling images, I’m of course interested in the R800, which is supposedly one of the best printers, photographically, out there (Even if Canon has made a move now, with their PIXMA printers. But, at way much money, one wonders what one gets. If it really is able to compete with professional labs etc.. That way, I asked, when paying for the iPod, if they had a print from the R800. They didn’t, but.. that might be possible to fix.. If he’d known it would’ve been that much problem, I guess he wouldn’t have been as eager.. I think it took more than an hour, in the end :-p. Thought that we might tap a picture from my camera, but couldn’t find a cable to hook up the camera with, nor card-reader which took xP-cards. And they didn’t have any HighRes images on the computer downstairs, where the printer was, but they had an image on it, and we thought we’d try that one at least.. to give some idea. Only that.. After spending time finding a cable and connect the computer, directly, it refused to find the printer (Mac OS X comes with drivers to most Epson printers already installed, but R800 being so new (and exclusive) it didn’t seem to be included among those. The problem was that the computer wasn’t hooked up to the internet neither.. (Which was the reason we couldn’t download some HiRes image neither). OK then.. He took the printer and we went upstair, to where they have a “studio”/Workshop thing. Hook up the printer, download the Driver from Epson. I downloaded the only big image I could think about, the test images (for colour profiles) Pro Print has at their site. Ironic. Testing a printer which would enable me to not order prints from Pro Print, using images from their site :-p Everything set up, once we got the printer installed.. For some reason, it refused, because we had a Printer Setting dialog up. Once that was closed, it simply installed just like that.. First print. Looked fine, only problem. We had forgot to change to best mode, thus fast mode. Change that.. still not a perfect print. Ok.. it had been in the store some time, and not used. Maybe needing to clean the printheads. With 8 colours etc, supposedly being a semi-professional printer etc, it sure cleaned the heads real good.. It spent an eternity doing that. We didn’t have any more of the dedicated photo-papers with us, so we tested with whatever paper there was in the printer. Some Heavy Matte paper. We only used the basic “Preview” application on the Mac, without any colour profile etc.. Still, the image it produced was.. Unbelievable. WANT!!!!! Still.. I’m impressed that he went all the way, and produced a test print, and didn’t gave up etc.. :) (The worst thing, they’re sort of expensive when it comes to that printer, but at the same time, after that service, I almost feel obliged to buy it from them..

At least.. it made 1 1/2 hrs to go...

What next.. Shopping, strolling and photographing etc. Wait for the train home..

There were some Christmas decorations/displays up, but not that much actually. Surprisingly little of it. NK’s windows are halfway famous, because they have huge displays with moving dolls etc, and actually draws an audience..

Even if I actually liked the displays at Åhlèns City way more. I so loved that style, and one of the photos are darn close to photography I would want to do (with humans), the look, the mood, the fantasy etc.. Minimalistic, but.. so beautiful.. Even if I’m not sure it’s a Christmas or Winter display..

Even if I guess, the biggest decoration at NK, with their HUGE, hanging and spinning tree (One can only hope it’s firmly fixed in the ceiling)

The most photographed decoration had to be the one in Gallerian, which a lot of people stopped and photographed. That Japanese couple.. Another couple each using their mobile/cell phones to photograph it. And I’m so sad I missed an opportunity for a picture.. Sat behind that couple with the phones, they standing beside each other.. both with the phones raised, with the image of the “tree” visible in the displays and with the “tree” in the background.. Now, the “tree” didn’t look exactly like this, since it actually was a strict, blue colour, and actually looking prettier in RL.

Shopped stuff.. Not that much.. 1 book “The Pythons Autobiographies by the Pythons” (Which seem to a be a basically serious biography of all Monty Python, where they, in a basically chronological order take up various subjects, and from various sources, but mostly interviews for the book, all of the Pythons have a say in what, how and why things happened, and it’s really interesting (what I’ve read). 1 CD “Once upon a time in the West” - Ennio Morricone (I do have that soundtrack, most of it several times over, but it was a cheap CD and do include “Bonus Tracks”, which I don’t have, so the CD should be essentially complete). 1 DVD “Musa” (Musa - The Warrior & The Princess of the Desert/The Princess Warrior/The Warrior) A neat 3 Disc special edition which feature both a short and long version + making of etc (still at a very reasonable price, and the movie is ok. Not as good as the best.. Hero, Flying daggers, Chrouching Tiger etc, but ok, but it has to be one of the films with the most blood in it) and 1 Magazine “Photo” (French magazine which usually has the most amazing and interesting images, and being very varied. showint fashion, documentary, industrial, disturbing etc.. images, which is good, since most magazines usually are dedicated to one kind of images).

Did spend some time walking.. In “Kungsan”, they always have ice on the winter, and you’re able to skate there (I’m not sure, but do think you’re able to rent a pair if you want to skate and don’t have any with you.

Some celebrity spotting. I saw Swedish actor Thomas Hellberg out walking. He really looked elegant. Him I was sure about it being him. Then I met someone that was a dead ringer for Oliver Stone. Not sure if it was him, of course, I didn’t went up to him and asked him if he was Oliver Stone. Now, it’s Stockholm etc, but.. Not sure why Oliver Stone would be out walking in Stockholm. Now, there’s a filmfestival in Stockholm, and I know they show some of his movies, so it might have been him. In that case, I’ve been 2 ft away from Oliver Stone..

The problem with winter in Sweden, is that it gets dark very soon, and that’s not good if you’re photographing and don’t fancy carrying a tripod with you, but tried taking some shots, and are grateful for being fairly good at keeping the camera somewhat still with those long exposure times it means..

I had text messaged frida, welcoming her home etc, which she would get once she turned on her phone in Sweden (with the Swedish card). I thought she’d come home today, Friday, not yesterday (and I’m not sure, as it happened, that she knew neither, being surprised that it was Thursday, meaning she had a whole day free). That way, I was more than surprised getting a message that my message had been delivered. As it was, she was on the way to Stockholm from the airport, so I met up with her. Sat in City Terminalen and chatted until it was time for me to jump on the train. She totally impresses me with her appearance. Just the style, the look. It’s so perfect. Really nice to chat with too..

Sat and read the book I’d bought, on the train home. Was lucky. When you book tickets, there’s a minimum time SJ have between changing to other trains, buses etc. Not sure how much time. Think it’s 15 or 20 minutes or something like that. That way, I had a ticket for the bus leaving for Sandviken at 22:30, even if the train came in, on the minute, 21:52, as it should. Found out there was a bus leaving at 22:00. I had strolled slowly, thinking I had plenty of time, but picked up speed and was able to make it to the bus in time (It’s not that long). Nice. Got home 30 mins before I had thought, and obviously, it’s always nice to get home.. take off clothes and be able to just sit down and relax.. :)