November 23rd, 2004


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luka91's LJ stalker is lily293!
lily293 is stalking you because your LiveJournal is just SO damned interesting. They are also leaving anonymous abuse on your journal!

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That explains a lot.. :-p
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great movie on TV tonight...

Andrei Tarkovskij's "Stalker", even if his poetic images really need/deserve a big screen..

One of the few true visual artists when it comes to film...

Sweden TV 2..

Not exactly the most fun, fast moving movie there is, so if you're looking for that, there might be other movies that suit you better..

or you could read a substantial DVD Review here..

Whatever, all Tarkovskij's films are among the most beautiful movies one could ever see on any screen, with images that seem to stay in your mind forever.. Sort of like moving paintings, with only the additional element from a painting being how the light changes etc..

The thing one shouldn't do, is to think.. Just sit back, relax and view it.. experience it.. sense it..

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Going to Stockholm on Thursday..

Originally intended to get tickets for London in December, but I'll skip that and go on a later date.. February... March something.. (The good thing with that is that I'm gonna have more money then, as well as, hopefully, a new camera (since I plan on buying the Pentax *ist DS in January, early February).

That means I'll have a lot more money to spend in Stockholm instead.. Might get myself an iPod (20 GB) instead..

Not sure what to do.. I'll be in Stockholm 10:35.. going back home 20:25..

Most likely, some movie.. Sky Captain.. Even if it's an "empty" and "Pointless" movie, it's A: made with a Macintosh (essentially) B: Really beautiful and probably best enjoyed on a bigger screen..

Except that.. I'm not sure..
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