November 12th, 2004


Violence solves about everything.. *

You know, when you buy certain things, it seems to be the most common when it comes to electronics (such as computer items), they come in this hard plastic encasing which is totally sealed. Usually with a cardboard with specifications on the back.

The last item I bought coming in that way was the iGriffin USB-Mic adapter.

The thing with those are the fact that they're close to impossible to open.

You buy something, comes home and excited want to start using it. In some kind of masocistic optimism, you imagine you're gonna be able to open the encasing with your bare hands. Desperately search for some way to open it, and there's no single way.


Scissors, Knife.. dynamite.. ???

You might try with a knife first, and find out that the most you're able to do is to put a hole in the plastic, but not much else..

Scissors work (Even if that mean you'll cut that cardboard with instructions and specs in two), but even using scissors make it easy to get the attractive item out of the packaging.

Forget all about buying something when you're on town, and expecting to use those memory cards, batteries or whatever, right away (in case you, say, have run out of memory card for your camera and buy an additional card to continue photographing), because there's no way you're gonna be able to open it until you get home anyway, unless you decide to go buy a Swiss Army Knife or something, as well.


To avoid shop-lifting? I guess that would only work because they think the shop lifters know how hard it is to get the thing out, but what's stopping them from lifting a pair of scissors as well?

It's not exactly something that make you feel good about the company making the ite.

*Mosquitos and that kind of packaging are the only exception to my anti-violence idea..

iPod Photo

I've started to look for some kind of MP3 player lately..

Obviously, being a Mac owner, buying anything but the iPod would be sacrilige I guess..

And, basically iPod is the best player out there *, so I'm not sure why I would look for something else.

(* Best in the sense that it has among the best in a lot of areas, even if you could find players that's better in some specific areas)

But, I wanted to make sure it is the best player (sort of).

Basically I want one that both plays MP3 as well as allow me to store images from my camera on it (Which means a HD player in the first place). That way, one with built in Card Reader would've been a plus. Not a must, but I would prefer if it had a radio as well.

The very same day I spent a lot of time looking for MP3 players, I got mail from Apple about the release of their iPod Photo..

When other players close in, Apple seem to just take another step forward, keeping the distance..

The negative thing with iPod is the fact that they're expensive. Especially iPod Photo. A portable HD with a card-reader and about 40 GB cost about half of what the 40 GB iPod cost, and with the iPod Photo you still have to buy a Belkin adapter to be able to transfer the content of the Memory card out in the field.

The positive thing. It does have a good MP3 player in it, it has an attractive size (using a 1.8" HD instead of the 2.5" HDs you usually find in portable HDs) and the main benefit of the iPod photo. It comes with a colur screen that allow you to actually watch the photos you've got stored on it (As well as some basic games, ability to store Text-files, adressbook etc), while most other Photo Storage HDs only come with a basic monocrome display that only show statitstics and process. Heck. The iPod Photo even comes with a TV-out making it possible to hook it up to a TV and watch the images (Which make it possible to have a portfolio on it and show to people).

But, as I said.. it's expensive, and i don't know what to do.. Buy that, or a cheaper portable Photo Storage HD, and then a small MP3-player on the side.